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Baby it’s banned outside

It took 74 years for radio listeners to realize the song, “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” by Frank Loesser should have been cut before it ever hit the airwaves. The 1944 Christmas “classic” promotes the idea of date rape, as the lyrics describe a man pressuring a woman to stay while she repeats “no, no, no,” and insists on leaving his house. When the woman is telling the man she needs to leave, the man rebounds her suggestion with “baby, it’s cold outside.” Even though this song may seem cheesy or harmless at first, the man is disturbingly coercive if you really listen to the lyrics of the song. The same goes for the performance of the song in the 1949 musical “Neptune’s Daughter,” as the man advances several times, blocking the woman’s path to exit his house. “I ought to say ‘no, no, no, sir (Mind if I move in closer?),’” you can see the  persistence the man took when getting denied a couple times. We live in a time where it’s common for women to experience sexual harassment in the workplace or get cat-called on the street. According to NSVRC, 91 percent of victims of rape and sexual assaults

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We ought to say no, no, no, to banning classics

It’s been said that in this day and age it is very difficult to say anything without offending someone, and the more time passes, the more I am starting to agree with this saying. This year, ears have turned away from the classic Christmas song, “Baby, It’s Cold Outside,” written by Frank Loesser in 1944, who wrote the song to perform with his wife at parties. The song was performed five years later in “Neptune’s Daughter” and since then has been reimagined countless times with artists ranging from Dean Martin to Meghan Trainor. Recently, however, the song has been banned from multiple radio stations, taken off many playlists. People have claimed that the song is a story of a date rape, with predatory lyrics of a persistent man who refuses the answer “no.” Let’s start with the claim that the song tells the story of date rape. But the only evidence supporting this claim is when the woman says, “Say, what’s in this drink?” This lyric has led people to believe the song is implying the man has slipped a drug into her drink in order to get her into bed. I’m not ruling out the possibility that the speculations

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Border shutdowns hurt people on both sides

It’s no secret that President Donald Trump’s views on immigration policies and border security has stirred some controversy. Ever since he took office two years ago, he has been promising to implement a border wall and insisting that  Mexico pays for it. While many proponents of stricter border security are concerned about crime and drugs crossing into the United States and immigrants “stealing jobs,” that should be the least of their worries. The migrants from Central America are fleeing gang violence, poverty and political oppression — not bringing it. Central American countries such as El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras rank among the most violent countries in the world and are home to one of the world’s largest and most dangerous gang, MS-13. Trump has recently threatened to shut down the U.S.-Mexico border in order to stop the Central-American caravan from entering the U.S. The caravan crisis in Tijuana was a cause for fear and concern because of the many negative impacts that a possible border shutdown can have for local businesses in Baja, California. Tourist-friendly businesses can expect a decrease in their sales because of a possible shutdown. A recent five-hour shutdown of the border near San Diego last month

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Construction begins on Long Beach’s tallest structure

One thing that’s nice about Long Beach is it’s full of job opportunities for those who work in construction, as I’m sure you’ve noticed the many development projects that pop up frequently. Part of this is due to Measure A, a historic Long Beach initiative approved in 2016, which created a 10-year sales tax increase to fund public infrastructure. This is why so many streets in my neighborhood are being repaved and why Broadway has had orange tape streaming from Redondo to Alamitos for months now. The other reason is the many developments going up as part of a larger revitalization of downtown. I’d like to say that the city’s population is growing, and the many building projects you see are the city’s response to that growth, but in the last two years the population has actually decreased. In the past 20 years the population has only increased by 1.9 percent. Now I know what you must be thinking: “Well of course the population is going down, don’t you know It’s impossible to find affordable living in Long Beach?” And you wouldn’t be wrong, it is very difficult to find somewhere to live. You would, however, probably be wrong to

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Are we able to say, ‘Thank U, Next’ right after a breakup?

As a hopeless romantic, I’ve had quite a few bumpy relationships and moving on quickly after each partner is normal for me. The speed with which I’d start dating someone else was faster than Speedy Gonzales can run. The high-speed dating life has reflected a huge chunk of my journal content for the first three years of college. But to these love experiences, I have the privilege and ability to mouth the words of Ariana Grande’s new single “Thank u, next” with confidence. The hit song is relatable for both the heartbreaker in a relationship and the recipient of the heart break. The break up can either force you to crawl into a cave to hibernate for years from the dating world or make you sign up on Tinder to swipe right on the next potential lover. Some say the second outcome is cold and malicious; they would even consider this “emotionally cheating.”  According to emotional affairs and relationship problems writer Evelyn Andersen, the act of “emotionally cheating” is defined as someone eyeing from afar the next potential partner without physically enacting in wrongdoing due to their commitment for their “ beloved spouse.” I remember breaking up with a partner

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Donald Trump has driven away musical rights from his rallies

It’s no secret that Donald Trump is a hot topic, and not in a good way. In fact, a poll taken by CNN indicates that 45 percent of Americans rate Trump’s job performance as poor, while 20 percent rate his performance as excellent, 20 percent as good, and 13 percent as fair. There is also an extensive list of singer/songwriters who dislike Trump so much, they have gone as far as informing him that he is not allowed to use their music at his rallies, and publicly announcing their distaste for him. Artists including Neil Young, Steven Tyler, Adele, Pharrell Williams, Rihanna, as well as the bands The Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, Guns N’ Roses and Twisted Sister, and even deceased artists including George Harrison, Luciano Pavarotti and Prince (whose family members and representatives have spoken for them), have said they want nothing to do with Trump or his rallies. The artists have delivered the requests to Trump in various ways, ranging from polite requests to near threats. For example, the remaining members of Queen said, “Regardless of our views on Mr. Trump’s platform, it has always been against our policy to allow Queen music to be used as a political

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Inmates unfairly paid $2 an hour while fighting California fires

Statewide catastrophes often wind up revealing severe flaws within a state’s economic system. California’s wildfires which blazed through more than 200,000 acres, all through the Sierra Nevada foothills and Los Angeles shoreline, throughout the month of November, are now 100 percent contained, according to The New York Times. Aside from devastating the state’s landscape, as well accruing a death count of 87 people, California’s relentless fires have showcased a stark economic divide within the state — one involving severely underpaid inmates working as firefighters. The wealthy are able to hire their personal “concierge” firefighters while everyone else gets their help from an unorthodox place: the Californian prison complex. Currently, there are 3,700 inmates voluntarily working at fire camps, 2,600 of those inmates working directly to combat fires, as reported by The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. Furthermore, these inmates are being unfairly paid $2 per day, including an extra $1 when fighting actual fires, according to a report by CDCR. I do not think that prisoners deserve this kind of pay and my ideology does not align with the argument that they’ll learn their “lesson” by being on the front lines of fighting relentless blazes. I believe, and excuse

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