Rachel Barnes
Rachel is a third year journalism major working currently as the Arts and Life Editor for the Daily 49er. She's studied at Fresno City College and at Cuesta College in San Luis Obispo where she used to be Editor-in-chief at the Cuestonian Student Newspaper. Her goal is to become a local crime reporter and to tell the stories of her community.

In her, very limited, spare time she likes to spend time with her cat Beans and go to Disneyland.


Get ready with LBSU’s ‘Cabaret’

The night before the opening of “Cabaret” had cast and crew alike busy and buzzing, trying to perfect their show. Since early December, the crew has been putting in hours of work a day to get “Cabaret” ready for people to see. Each aspect of California Repertory’s first show of the season was worked on tirelessly by the entire team, and it has already sold out for the first two days of its run. “We rehearsed for six weeks straight for five days a week,” said Kari Hayter, director of the show. “That’s over 20 hours a week.” Hayter was nominated for a LA Stage Alliance Ovation Award for Best Direction of a Musical, and has directed many productions in Southern California, some being “Dracula” at Chapman University and “Rent” for California State University, Fullerton. Behind the scenes, set designers, lighting designers and sound designers aimed to immerse the audience in the atmosphere of “Cabaret.” From the ceiling to the ground, theater students put the set together themselves. “We have a lack of labor, so it’s just a few of us working,” said Natalie Morales, set designer for the show. “A big example is the floor; I painted all of

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Thursday Night Live with the Long Beach Sketch Show

Everybody needs a good laugh once in a while. Put on by Held2gether and the Long Beach Playhouse, this year’s Long Beach Sketch Show will feature 11 main comedy sketches, and, for the first time ever, many silent sketches as traditions between main scene changes. “There’s a little bit of something for everybody,” said performer Richard Martinez. “The main idea is we want people to laugh.” The five to seven minute long sketches will cover a variety of topics and genres like current events and political satire. The entire show will take place over two hours with sketches taking place throughout. In contrast to the improv comedy Held2gether usually does, the whole show will be scripted sketches similar to Saturday Night Live. Each sketch was written by the performers in a creative collaboration to make an engaging show. “To get in front of the audience is the ultimate reward for that collaboration,” Martinez said. Another performer in the show, Agnes Arnold, said she likes the style of sketch comedy because it allows them to pack as much funny content in their show as possible. However, it was difficult for some to get their jokes to come across the right way,

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Amazon’s get rich scheme

My conscience won’t let me order things off of Amazon anymore and I’ve got a few reasons why. The company treats its employees like garbage, and I believe billionaires should be illegal while the majority of the population is struggling for money. What I don’t get is why more people aren’t as bothered by Amazon’s sketchy business practices as I am, even after all of the scandals keep coming to light. Sure, free two-day shipping is amazing, but is it still worth it knowing that Amazon warehouse workers have to pee in bottles to make their quota for the day? I thought everyone agreed sweatshops were inhumane, and what Amazon is doing to its employees is pretty comparable. A Reddit user who works for Amazon said that in his first week working there, two people collapsed from dehydration. All his managers did was complain that they had to fill out a report, like they’re the victims here. Surely, the victim isn’t the warehouse employee passed out in their own pee. Personally, I am not okay with subjecting 566,000 people to such horrible working conditions to make a rich man richer. We all know that Jeff Bezos isn’t the best guy

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