SPECIAL ISSUE: Long Beach residents’ home-baked bread becomes a city-staple

Enciso wakes up at 4 a.m. four days a week to perfect what he calls a recreation of Old World bread. He only uses organic flour and grains and sources them from farms in California.

Flavor Focus: The Funnel House

Need a restaurant with unique desserts for that special day out? The Funnel House is a great place to enjoy delicious handcrafted treats on any occasion! The Funnel House specializes in original recipe items that include fresh funnel cakes, churros, cookies, ice cream sandwiches and much more. In 2005, co-owners Patty Wirth and Bridget Thordarson opened the first Funnel House in Shoreline Village Long Beach, Calif. This store opened after much success with their previous dessert store, Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt on the Boardwalk. After the first opening in Long Beach, Wirth and Thordarson expanded The Funnel House into Orange County. The second Funnel House opened in Huntington Beach, Calif. in 2013. Similar to the Long Beach location, the second Funnel House continues to serve original recipe treats to the “Surf City” customers. Funnel cakes are considered the most popular item served at The Funnel House. A funnel cake is a made-to-order doughy treat topped with powdered sugar. Funnel with fruit is also a funnel cake with the choice of five different types of fruit toppings. These fruit toppings include fresh strawberries, strawberry sauce, strawberry banana, boysenberry and apple. Add ice cream, fruit topping, caramel or chocolate sauce and

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Flavor Focus: Saddle Ranch

Pretending to be a celebrity by waving openly from the outdoor patio area at passing tour buses, is an understandable side effect of dining at the Saddle Ranch on Sunset Boulevard. Upon arrival, free valet parking followed by entering an entirely Western themed bar and restaurant, adorned in everything wooden, guests instantaneously feel their stresses melt away. It’s probably not until being seated that most guests clock the enormous mechanical bull and wonder how they’d missed it. Greeted by a menu featuring perhaps the most homemade recipes ever seen, truffle fries and sweet potato with marshmallows and candied pecan soup being two side dishes, the decision is a tough one. It’s simply just difficult not to order a bit of everything. In fact, if you visit in a large group I’d suggest that you all order something different and turn your table into a mini buffet. If you’re like my mom and devote yourself entirely to the meal you’ve chosen and would naturally chop off any wandering fingers that try to steal a chip from your plate – then don’t get yourself all flustered! The portion sizes are enough for three! I didn’t see anybody (even the largest American) finish

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Flavor Focus: George’s Greek Cafe

Did you know that a Mediterranean diet is found to be associated with significant health benefits that include lower rates of heart disease, cancer, Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s? At least it is according to the British Medical Journal. The diet has its own food pyramid, where it shows vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts, beans and olive oil as the main food group. I went with a friend to eat at George’s Greek Café on 2nd street in Long Beach (they also have locations in Lakewood and Huntington Beach). Before you ponder, I understand I just went from talking about Mediterranean food to saying I went to eat Greek food. Just know they are so similar that people can almost never distinguish between the two. Here’s what I ordered: 1.  Tomato soupa: $4.75 for a small bowl. Comes with pita bread. “A zesty blend of fresh tomatoes, cream, chicken broth and spices” Opinion: A little bit too salty for my liking, but it went great with their warm pita bread.   2. Spanakopites: $5.75 “Baked mini filo [type of dough that comes out flaky] triangles stuffed with feta cheese, spinach and spices” Opinion: They top it with two sliced tomatoes. You wouldn’t think

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Flavor Focus: The Crema Café

If you are looking for a delicious start on a sunny day the Crema Café is the place to go! This breakfast and lunch only café is located in beautiful downtown Seal Beach on Main Street. You can enjoy your meal inside or outside on the cozy patio, if you’re able to find a spot in the busy café. A friend and I ordered vanilla yoghurt with granola and fresh fruit, a whole-wheat blueberry pancake and chai latte. The vanilla yoghurt was simple and delicious; the granola was almost caramelized and gave a sweet contrast to the fresh fruit. The whole-wheat blueberry pancake was huge, moist and thick. It was served with fresh blueberries and cream. The chai latte was a perfect compliment to the dishes, not too sweet. The patio was packed with businessmen enjoying coffee, several bike enthusiasts eating brunch and older couples relaxing in the sun with pancakes and eggs. Dogs are welcome on the patio as well, and one of the guests had brought her furry little friend in a leash. The Crema Café also has a bakery next door, where bread and pastries are baked daily. Therefore the bread served in the café is fresh

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Flavor Focus: Simmzy’s Gastropub Review

I like good food... a lot. And my boyfriend likes eating a lot of food. So eating out adds up pretty quickly. Being the broke college kids that we are, we want to make sure that when we do go out, it's worth the extra $$$. Now we can add Simmzy's in Long Beach to the list of places that we can get a better dinner at than whatever I could conjure up at home. Simmzy's on Second Street in Long Beach is a buzzing gastropub with long wooden communal tables, a beer list long enough to make any hipster happy, and comfort food with a twist. We started with drinks. I ordered the Bliss Cabernet and he got the Simmzy's Honey Blonde beer. We shared the blue cheese haystack, for starters, which is a delicious combo of shoestring fries, blue cheese, buffalo sauce and green onions. However we made the mistake of following it up with the margarita pizza. Both are delicious in their own right, but following something carby and cheesy with more of the same is a bit much. My bad. That said the smoked mozzarella on the margarita pizza paired with sun-dried tomatoes and basil is

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Flavor Focus: Sconeage Bakery

No one really talks about scones that much. Cookies, cupcakes and all the other glamorous baked goods somehow just steal all the attention. And Starbuck's version of a scone, which is basically just a giant glazed cookie, isn't helping the pastry's image much. I was opened to the possibilities of the scone when I tried this recipe for chai chocolate chip scones a few weeks back. When done right, scones are flaky, buttery and have just the right amount of sweetness. They more substantial than a cookie, but less sugary So when today was unusually cold and crisp for Long Beach, the Daily 49er's online editor, Jared, and I decided to seek comfort in a warm scone from The Sconeage Bakery on the corner of Ximeno and Anaheim. I'd never been there before, although it's close to my apartment and my old roommate raved about the scones. It's just a tiny little shop with a counter and the bakery in the back. We ordered a chocolate chip walnut scone, a triberry scone and a chocolate chip walnut cookie to go. (Regrettably everything that had chocolate in it also had walnuts.) The scones were $2.75 each and the cookie $0.75. They also

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