Spectacle: Killer Music

Killer Music: A Heavier Censorship Law is Needed Almost everyone has listened to a song where they didn’t know what the lyrics were saying. Or, many people are guilty of singing along too. Hip-hop music has been the center of controversy ever since its birth. Some of the lyrics can have a negative on impact the minds of our young generation. It has ultimately even led to higher crime rates and deaths in many cities across America. Music is soul. It has become a part of our daily lives. Music is everywhere. Hip-Hop music has been around for over 40 years and it is embraced as a culture or lifestyle. However, the birth of “Gangsta” rap as a genre stemming from Hip-Hop came during the 1980s. This type of Hip-Hop music reflects the poor lifestyles of young African-American kids growing up in areas known as the “ghettos” all across America. Therefore, there are a few that have taken this lifestyle and voiced it for the world to be heard through music. These “Gangsta” rap artists talk about how they grew up and what they did in their music. They talk about stealing cars as bonus points to becoming accepted, using guns

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Spectacle: The Best Man Holiday

The Best Man Holiday is a film about a reunion of old friends that feels like going to an actual reunion. A reunion, you see, is only fun if you went to the school and recognize your friends. It’s certainly not fun if you didn’t, but were dragged along anyway. In that case, you’ll likely end up drinking in a paper cup alone by a wall, watching everyone else get silly. Likewise, The Best Man Holiday, Malcom D. Lee’s sequel to his 1999 The Best Man, will probably be fun and pleasant for those who saw the first film. Those who didn’t may feel like they’ve been dragged to someone else’s reunion. And that’s too bad, because the cast reunited here, is largely excellent, led by the ever charismatic Taye Diggs as Harper, an author with a fatal flaw. He can’t seem to stop writing about his friends and lovers. It’s not the fault of the cast that these characters seem less developed the second time around. It’s the fault of a script that takes shortcuts, goes for sentimental overload, gets a little too swept up in holiday trappings and telegraphs plot developments in often groan-worthy ways. Those who saw the charming and refreshing The

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Spectacle: 12 Years a Slave

Let me start off by saying I am in no way a big film critic. However, I have seen enough to know when a film is good or bad, and oh boy is 12 Years a Slave good. It is so good that I honestly have no problem with saying that if you have not seen it, you need to fix that as soon as you possibly can. However, don’t go rushing in expecting a nice and comfortable experience because you will not find it here. 12 Years a Slave is based off of the memoir Twelve Years a Slave by Solomon Northop. Set in the in the Pre-Civil War era, it tells how Solomon (played by Chiwetel Ejiofor) was kidnapped from his home in New York where he lived as a free man and was sold into slavery in the South. After getting into trouble at the first plantation he finds himself in, he eventually arrives at the plantation of Edwin Epps (played by Michael Fassbender) where he spends the majority of the film. Here, he tries to survive while keeping whatever dignity remains. In the 12th year of his slavery he meets a Canadian abolitionist (played by Brad Pitt) and

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Spectacle: “Delta Machine” Album Review

Fans should get a kick out of listening to the latest Depeche Mode record Delta Machine. The multi-platinum selling synth-rock kings released their 13th record back in March, which was produced by Ben Hiller. Delta Machine is the third Depeche Mode album Ben Hiller has produced. With a blues based sound mixed in with electronics, this influenced the album’s title and  gave the album unique qualities since the band has never used blues music influences in their work before. Listening to Delta Machine is a cross between Violator and Songs of Faith and Devotion, but stands on its own. The songwriting on the album is also more sophisticated than usual. Delta Machine is the most highly regarded album this year, its really worth a listen. Here is a track-by-track guide of the album: 1. Welcome To My World- This track kicks off the record with a repetitive power station-like sound. The music is very analogue and the music builds a huge chorus stating “welcome to my world.” 2. Angel- This song has a very bluesy-electro sound. The way lead singer Dave Gahan sings the song adds somewhat of a gospel vibe. 3. Heaven- My favorite song off the album and another great song written by Martin Gore. The piano plays a huge

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Spectacle: “The Walking Dead” Season 4, Episode 6 Recap

We open on the Governor sitting by a campfire. A walker approaches and falls on the fire. The Governor is undaunted and Martinez comes and shoots the walker in the head. The next morning, the Governor wakes up and sees that Martinez and his other associate, Shumpert, have left him. The Governor takes a truck to the now overrun Woodbury, and sets it ablaze. Fast forward and the Governor is walking along, still alone. His hair is long and his beard is bushy. He falls over and nearly passes out, when a group of people in a building catch his eye. The group consists of sisters Tara, a former cop, Lily, Lily’s daughter Meagan, and Tara and Lily’s father, who is sick with lung cancer. The Governor gives them a fake name and they agree to let him stay the night. The grandfather tells the Governor to get him his neighbors backgammon set. He agrees and gets it, finding a mutilated walker in the neighbors bathtub, and a loaded gun. He finishes the walker and takes the gun. Later the Governor is looking at an old photo of him and his family. He covers the image of himself and falls

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Spectacle: Oh My Darlin

If there is one thing that no one can ignore, it is nudity. Knowingly, Those Darlins stripped down for the cover of their third album and the music video that followed it. Shock appeal is nothing new to Those Darlins, whose sophomore album featured a woman who was, depending on the interpretation, either indulging in a bump of cocaine or forcefully picking her nose. Although many people found issue with the band members shedding their clothes, both the male and female members clumped themselves together to form a solid mass of semi-androgynous human flesh that no one could ignore. The Nashville natives began their musical career with three female members who praised Patsy Cline and echoed the Dum Dum Girls. They picked up Linwood Regensburg as their drummer for the self-titled first album that was heavily influenced by their country roots, but also promoted the rockabilly way of life. Jessi, Nikki, and Kelley bat their eyelashes while describing drunkenly eating an entire rotten chicken at one point and in another they embody the wholesome Carter Family. Their sophomore album, Screws Get Loose, moseyed away from a down home country feel and began to explore an eerie, psychedelic air. Their piercing

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Spectacle: “The Walking Dead” Season 4, Episode 4 & 5 Recap

Carol and Rick head out to search for supplies. The tension is thick between the two of them, and with Rick knowing of Carol’s murder of Karen and David, we are left wondering what Rick is going to do about it. Daryl, Tyreese, Michonne, and Bob are still searching for medical supplies. Tyreese is still reeling from Karen’s death and with Sascha now sick, Tyreese is looking for a way out. Rick and Carol come across a young couple in one of the houses they are searching. The man, Sam, has a dislocated shoulder and Carol fixes it. The couple ask to join them at the prison, but Rick and Carol are unsure. They agree to look for more supplies and meet at the house in two hours. Carol tries to defend her decision to Rick, saying he would have done the same thing. While picking vegetables, they come across Sam’s girl being eaten by walkers. They head back to the house. Daryl and the others find the college and stock up on medicine. As they escape, Bob puts himself in danger trying to save his bag which holds only a bottle of alcohol. Daryl gets angry and shows him

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Spectacle: “The Walking Dead” Season 4, Episode 3 Recap

We start with Glenn and Maggie digging graves in the yard. The flu is starting to take more lives. We move back to Tyreese and the two burnt bodies, one of which is Karen. Rick, Daryl, and Carol try to console Tyreese, but he begins to lose it. He punches Rick in the face several times and Rick fights back nearly beating him to a pulp before Daryl stops him. Hershel is tending to Rick’s bloodied hand. He tells him about the next council meeting but Rick turns him down. They walk outside to see Sascha stumbling out coughing hard. She goes to see Dr. S and he is just as sick. The flu is continuing its warpath. At the council meeting, Hershel says they need antibiotics, but the closest place that has them is a college 50 miles away. Daryl and Michonne volunteer to take a group out to it. Hershel also recommends quarantining the most vulnerable: the children and the elderly. Rick apologizes to Tyreese. Tyreese says Rick needs to find out who did it, suggesting that its ok to murder within the prison. Rick assures him it isn’t. Carl is annoyed about having to be quarantined. He

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