Comic Con’s return to Long Beach

Jump to videoHoly Comic Con Batman!Droves of costumed enthusiasts and casual fans alike swarmed Long Beach's inaugural Comic Con.From Oct. 2 through Oct. 4, the Long Beach Convention Center hosted over 100 exhibitors and numerous artists. Popular companies such as Boom! Studios, Aspen and Top Cow came out to promote their latest products. Smaller businesses were also in the mix, like Phat Collectibles, Inc. pushing its exclusive Wolverine action figures.The 56,000 square feet of retailers, publishers and artists buzzed with fanfare. This was an opportunity for comic lovers to enjoy hard-to-find publications and collectibles. Clasping his grandson's hand, attendee Rennie Nunez said he kept an eye out for "unique stuff and unusual stuff that you don't normally see at Walmart."Nothing was more unique than the horde of costume-donning enthusiasts. A friendly Poison Ivy manned the Barnes & Noble booth, while a few exhibits down, Batman, the Joker and Captain Jack obliged fans with pictures.Attendees gleefully pointed at a "Star Wars" R2-D2 wheeling around the convention floor. William and Nikki Miyamoto masterminded the black and gold robot. The couple is a member of "The 501st Legion – Vader's Fist," a Star Wars costuming organization. Nikki Miyamoto said the droid is an

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This week in cartoons 9/18

Two This Week in Cartoons in one week? What?! Could such word debauchery be true? Yes, my dear readers, I "accidently" missed my deadline last week so my editor decided to run your favorite student column twice in one week. Yay, for future sample work clippings!So on to today's inane commentary. I don't know if you've noticed, but there are a whole lot of students this semester. Like, we've hit some sort of enrollment record. Given the fact that there are so many of us strolling around campus buying $10 Kanye West knockoff sunglasses, why is it that we fail to share this campus among ourselves?The other day I was frantically looking for a scanner to turn in one of my cartoons. Because I don't own one and I'm rarely at the Daily Forty-Niner office, you will find me at one of the Horn Center's brand new Macs with Epson scanners doing my job.As I walked past every occupied Mac a with scanner, I noticed that not one single student was using the scanner. They were either checking their e-mail or sending MySpace messages to their friends.Although I won't lie and say that I don't do the same from time

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