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A personal perspective on the New Zealand attacks

At Friday prayer, I feel protected, I feel calmed by the silence of prayer, but above all I feel at peace. However, when I attended Friday prayer last week, the tranquility I typically experience during prayer was replaced by grief, anger and fear.

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Our View: The staff discusses Prospector Pete

After decades of back and forth deliberation on what to do about Prospector Pete, Long Beach State President Jane Close Conoley announced Sept. 21 that the university would finally retire the 51-year-old mascot from his perch between Liberal Arts 4 and 5. The reactions have been strong on both sides of the argument, with many celebrating the removal of a monument that to many, symbolizes genocide, while others believe that focusing on this controversy is a waste of energy. Conoley also added that the statue would be moved to the new alumni center, which is still in a developmental stage. In response to this, the Daily 49er editorial board discussed how the university handled the situation. Much like the university and the community, the staff is pretty divided.   Carlos Villicana City Editor I don’t care about the statue or how the school handled the announcement of its retirement as a mascot. If you’re offended about a statue being moved from its spot next to a brick you spent over a hundred dollars for, you have too much money. If you’re offended about a statue being moved from a spot next to bricks you didn’t even pay for, your investment

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Tips and Tricks for back to school

Ready or not, here we are — the start of a new school year. For freshman and new transfers at Long Beach State, the first week can be a little jarring. You may struggle to find a parking spot, afford textbooks or get lost the first day of classes. The Daily 49er Editorial Board has come up with some tips to help jumpstart your academic journey. Keep an open mind Long Beach State is a large and diverse campus with 32,246 enrolled undergraduates, according to U.S. News, so before you pass judgement, try to keep an open mind. That girl sitting next to you in algebra could your next best friend, future coworker or even your boss someday. You don’t want to miss opportunities like these just because you didn’t want to give someone the time of day. Don’t procrastinate It’s easy to start off strong and stay on top of school work the first couple weeks of the semester, but as time drags on, that steady pace inevitably turns into procrastination. Start at a reasonable and realistic pace that works for you and turn it into a habit that will last throughout the semester. A great way to tackle

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Arming teachers misses the mark

Since the Feb. 14 shooting at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, both sides of the aisle have dug into their respective corners, calling for legislative changes. The national conversation has trotted out the usual talking points: mental health, various bans on various weapons and violent video games. While both sides agree that the shooting that left 17 students dead should never happen again, the debate has been contentious over the solution. One of the most polarizing solutions has been the proposal to arm teachers, brought up by President Donald Trump and other Republican lawmakers. While many of the other subjects do deserve to at least be discussed, the Daily 49er Editorial Board believes arming teachers should not even be on the table. On every level, the plan to arm teachers is ridiculous and too much to ask of them. Teaching is a special profession. It takes time and a dedication to guiding young people in a way only parents can match. Unfortunately, it is a profession that is not given the respect that it deserves. Teachers are frequently straddled with large classes, long hours and inadequate wages. Placing the responsibility of a gun on their shoulders

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