End of an era at Long Beach State

Long Beach actually did it. I didn’t think they would pull it off. The 49ers looked tired, defeated and lost for most of the first set and the beginning of the second. But everyone was shown once again why there’s so much hype surrounding this team. The greatest dynasty this school has ever seen. Not just for success on the court, but the culture that the team has created for the city. The city loves the Long Beach State men’s volleyball team, and the team loves them back. A few hours after the game, wearing their championship shirts and hats, the team was able to recollect their thoughts and reminisce on the last few years. “Everything that the city has done for us, its something I’ll never forget,” redshirt senior Nick Amado said. “Long Beach will always be my home, I’m thankful for everything.” TJ DeFalco, Josh Tuaniga and Kyle Ensing sat together and for the first time in two years, they dropped their humble act and celebrated like champions. The trio went out on top as the best players in the nation on the best team in the nation and they knew it. Getting one to two percent better

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