Universities: Helping the rich get richer

Growing up, I was always conscious of how far money could get you in life. I knew this from firsthand experience as someone looking in from the outside, as someone who didn’t have this advantage. Nothing has laminated this as much as the recent college admission scandal that has come to light.

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CSU faculty protests administration raises

The California Faculty Association brought attention to the growing pay gap between school faculty and administrators by releasing the second part of their “Race to the Bottom” series on Tuesday. The report, known as the “white papers,” shows that over the last 10 years, the California State University system has spent 48 percent more on administrators, while only 25 percent more on faculty. This is despite a 33 percent increase in overall spending. “All the time that we were losing money, the administrators were gaining money,” Doug Domingo-Foraste, the president of the CFA’s Long Beach chapter, said. Part-time faculty also adversely affected over the last 10 years, with the CSUs relying increasingly on their employment. “Most [part-time faculty members] are teaching huge numbers of students for incredibly low pay,” Domingo Foraste said. He also said that 47 percent of California State University, Long Beach’s faculty consists of part-time employees without permanent contracts. 18 CSU campuses, including CSULB, saw an increase in the pay gap between managers and faculty by more than 10 percent. The white paper also lists the salaries of campus presidents. CSULB’s president, Jane Close Connelly earns over $320,000 a year according to the document. CSU presidents also receive

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