University reaches funding goal for Alumni and Visitor Center

Construction can now begin for the Anna W. Ngai Alumni and Visitor Center after the university reached its goal of 90 percent of the $12 million needed to continue forward with the project, according to Long Beach State President Jane Close Conoley. The venue will be named after Ngai, an international student from Hong Kong who graduated from LBSU in 1974, and is the lead donor for the center. The building is meant for students and alumni to come together for networking, mentoring opportunities and career development. According to Conoley, it will be “right in front of [Walter] Pyramid” and share the same parking lot. Conoley made the announcement Oct. 30 during fifth district Councilman Daryl Supernaw's monthly community meeting at the Los Altos Library. “Last time I was here I talked about our plan to build the alumni and visitor center, but I told you we hadn’t reached the threshold of enough money to start,” Conoley said during the meeting. “We needed [to reach] 90 percent and we did." Prior to Conoley’s announcement, a LBSU website stated that only $5.6 million of the overall budget goal had been reached. For donations starting at $50,000, the school offers naming opportunities

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In photos: Beach Family Day

Long Beach State students, alumni and family were invited to attend the Beach Family Day this Saturday at Angel Stadium. Attendees were able to see the Los Angeles Angeles play against the Seattle Mariners and their tickets included limited edition Angels caps.  

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Lights, Camera, Long Beach

Laughter echoed in the theater as local Long Beach filmmakers debut their latest projects. The 5th Annual Long Beach Indie International Film Festival took place last week showcasing local filmmakers, including Long Beach State University students and alumni.   The festival, which also highlights the work of international directors, was a three-day event that featured a variety of film categories ranging from international documentary shorts to Black social and cultural expression, to name a few. Daniel Walker, a professor at El Camino College started the Long Beach Indie International Film Festival in 2013, seeking to allow other filmmakers a chance to showcase their movies. “This year we have films from at least 20 different countries,” Walker said. “Unlike music, film makes people talk. No matter what race or ethnicity, people talk about the messages. I want to make sure the festival continues, making sure there is a diversity of representation.” Films from LBSU students and alumni included, “The Piano” by Vanessa Bloom, “The Baldwins” by India Smith, “Hey Danny” by Janine Anne Uyanga and “Ash’s Homecoming” by Joshua Hoh. Each film highlighted a range of messages through each student’s art form touching upon sensitive issues, including sexual assault.   Uyanga’s

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8 past grads share their secrets to success

Every year, after the confetti has been swept, the caps have been thrown and the bleachers are packed away, graduates are ready to take a leap into the job hunt. For some, attaining a job in their desired fields after college takes a lot of time. For others, it’s a short journey to employment. We asked a few Cal State Long Beach alumni to share their experiences and advice on how to get a job and keep it.   Courtesy of Betty Chavarria CSULB 2013 graduate Betty Chavarria has her bachelor's in journalism and a minor in communication studies. She works as a designer for the Los Angeles Times. How did you adjust from campus life to the work environment? CHAVARRIA: "The only shock that came to me was when I realized spring break and summer break weren’t going to happen again in the working adult world. That was a bummer. But when you go from graduating to starting work right away like I did, there’s really no time to adjust. You’re just so excited and ready to enter the real world."   What skills did you need to learn in the work environment that you didn't learn

Beyond the Beach event showcases CSULB alumni success

Cal State Long Beach Alumni had the opportunity to return to the Barrett Athletic Administration Center to share their stories during a nostalgic night. Beyond the Beach Career Planning gave both current Cal State Long Beach undergraduates and recent graduates the opportunity to hear from a panel of alumni about their experiences in the workforce. The panel discussed essential skill sets, as well as other pertinent topics for those pursuing a successful career path. A crowd of 30 were present to learn from the panel’s expertise in an effort to build on their own personal and professional development. The panel was comprised of four successful university alumni: Diane Lee, Raymond Cervantez, Thomas Wong and Brandi Morgan. Each panel member gave their own perspective on what it takes to become successful in your career. Cervantez, an alumni and vice president for Farmers and Merchants Bank of Long Beach, highlighted the importance of mentorship in the business world, emphasizing the effect one person can have on another. “Everyone is a mentor,” Cervantez said. “You can learn many life lessons from your peers. Bosses both good and bad have knowledge to offer us as well.” Thomas Wong graduated from the university in 1981

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CSULB finds new leadership in Scott Apel

When Scott Apel first stepped onto campus sometime in the late ‘80s, he was a psychology major. Last month, he was named the new Vice President of Administration and Finance. President Jane Close Conoley appointed Apel to his new position Dec. 21 of last year. Apel fell in love with the campus while he worked as the VP of human resources, a position he held for 12 years. Additionally, Apel completed his psychology undergraduate degree in 1991 and his public administration graduate degree in 2009 at Cal State Long Beach. “You’d expect the [human resources] guy to be negative about our employees,” Apel said. “But we have a wonderful group of people that are committed to the students and school. The thing about being in human resources is the entire campus is your customer.” Coming from his position in HR, Apel’s connections to other departments run deep. He recognizes that every problem comes down to finding the right people for the job. “Even though it’s a mechanical breakdown, it’s people that are going to solve the problem.” he said. He describes his goals as “grounded,” considering that more than 40,000 students and faculty members come to campus everyday. Apel will

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