In Photos: Student art gallery week of April 7

Art students at Long Beach State are able to showcase their works at the student art galleries on upper campus. The students featured this week are Ruth Holladay, Jesse Parrott, Corrie Wille, Kelly Campanella and Amy Williams. The exhibits will be showcased from April 7 to 11.

CSULB art students go abroad and under the sea through paint

Upon entering the room, onlookers are met with snap shots of the ocean floor: deep-complex layers of rock exposing hidden life. A few more steps, and these images begin to collide with celestial landscapes in the form of bright pink tentacles wrapped around a galactic night sky. On the farthest wall, the audience comes face to face with scenes of destinations from a foreign land. “It’s called “Odyssey” because it’s about the journey that Makaila [and I] have been through and the places that we’ve explored,” Rachel Gehrke said, explaining her experiences swim with the ocean while her cohort, Mikaila Palmer, captured her travels across the pond in paint. “Each painting is like our memories of that place and how it’s kind of changed us as a person.” Gehrke and Palmer are two senior BFA drawing and painting students at California State University, Long Beach who combined forces to create their appropriately titled exhibit on Sunday at the West Max L. Gatov Gallery, transforming the showroom into another world. Color is key when it comes to “Odyssey.” Gehrke used intense color in her paintings to capture the parallels between the cosmos and the deepest parts of the ocean. Meanwhile, Palmer

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