‘Nine’ — more than just a number

Nine Bachelor of Fine Art students came together with a culmination of different artworks and ideas in their group exhibition, "Nine" in the School of Art Galleries. The name of the exhibit, while it represents the number of artists involved, is a tribute to the number nine and its many symbols, such as representing the completion of a cycle in numerology and the number of an inward voyage in tarot cards. As written in the group's exhibit description, the meanings of "Nine" represent these ideas as the students are soon to embark on a new journey after completing their BFA degrees. Videos, photos, books and more are displayed throughout “Nine,” all ranging in different subjects from culture and sexuality to veteran PTSD therapy and other topics. The Daily 49er sat down with three of the nine artists of the exhibit to gain more insight on the creative process and artistic inspirations of the project.   Andrew Fischer, senior, BFA in photography Fischer created the video “Operation Raw Hide.” His eight minute video features surfing as an alternative therapy to “heal the mind” of veterans suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. After you graduate, what kind of things are you planning

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