Letter to the Editor: Cal State Long Beach President Jane Close Conoley responds

Last week the Daily 49er wrote an article about the 2018 commencement changes. A quote from me stating that ‘we were the class of 2018 and it (commencement) was a disaster’ was an unfortunate attempt at humor. This phrase, especially when taken out of context, did not in any way reflect my true thoughts and feelings about this year’s ceremonies. For this inaccuracy, I sincerely apologize to students, faculty and staff. I continue to feel that this year’s commencement will be not only beautiful, but most importantly will honor our time-honored traditions.   A correction that I wanted to point out:   The venue will be the intramural fields, not the George Allen field as stated in the article.     I want to thank everyone who has taken the time to voice their opinions on the proposed changes to Long Beach State University’s 2018 commencement ceremonies. I fully understand these events are among the most important in the life of our campus and that the effects of these special days are far-reaching, so my team and I take each concern seriously. Some aspects of commencement will remain intact, while others – out of necessity – must be modified. In

Letter to the Editor: Response to President Conoley

I was perplexed and perturbed after reading the article in the Feb. 6th issue in the Daily 49er, written by Lauren Martinez, titled "CSULB Academic Senate Discusses Proposed Budget Cuts" which announced that there are no funds for live music for the Class of 2018 Commencement Ceremonies at CSULB.   These are the questions that come to mind, as a proud parent of a Class of 2018 CSULB student:   1) How in the world were there funds for this newly designed "statue" that sits alongside an emergency pole on campus that is "out of order" and is meant to be used if there is a situation on campus where someone is in danger and needs prompt assistance.   2) Why is the University PAYING people for the musical portion of the commencement ceremonies at CSULB. Correct me if I am wrong, is there not an arts department on campus whereby talented students could actually be given the opportunity and honor to perform for their peers/their families at commencement free of charge, as a part of their education and class expectations? What better way to showcase students talents and show pride of school concurrently?   3) Why is University President

Letter to the Editor: President Jane Close Conoley Needs to Reinstate the Tradition that is Graduation

Life at Cal State Long Beach is pretty good; or at least it was until President Jane Close Conoley announced drastic changes to the commencement ceremonies. Among the changes are plans to move the ceremonies from the Quad to George Allen Field. Conoley told Academic Senate members that budget cuts caused these changes and the school would be saving $100,000. “We have to save money on something and we don’t want to raise student fees,” Conoley said. “If it’s a disaster, that will be a story for those students to tell. They’ll say we were the class of 2018 and it was a disaster.” I and every other Long Beach student has worked each day to reach the goal of commencement, and the excitement has faded. I’d pay to leave things as they are. With over 5,000 signatures on an online petition demanding the return of live music, students clearly want live music at their graduation. Rather than remove it, the school could pass on some of the fees to students who are walking. If the school was to charge an extra $20 in student fees toward graduation, it would raise $95,360. While Conoley mentions that she does not want