Formula DRIFT slides through Long Beach

The stands were packed with drifting fans from around the world as they came to witness some of the most skilled drivers go head-to-head to see who would claim victory of the season opener event. After hours of ringing around the track, Odi Bakchis was crowned the winner.

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New semester, same parking woes

As another semester begins at Long Beach State, many students still find themselves in the same struggle with parking. Spring semester parking has become increasingly impacted. There are 14,090 parking spots on campus and 20,000 permits are sold a year, according to Robyn Ames-Woodyard, director of operations, finance management at a community meeting earlier this month. Ames-Woodyard said last year LBSU rented space next to Lowes off Bellflower Avenue for overflow parking, something the school is considering for another semester. “We sold 370 permits and we maxed out about 80 percent in terms of the spaces we used,” Ames-Woodyard said. “So now we know of those 370, we are only really using 180 spaces or so every day so we are going to look at it some more.” According to Ames-Woodyard, there are about 10,000 students who ride LBSU transit and a metro program was put into place. “We sold 250 permits and only 12 of those students actually had vehicle permits as well, so we are really trying to get them to take sustainable transportation when they can to free up the space on the campus,” she said. Last year, overflow expenses cost $12.8 million and only $12 million

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Long Beach Formula Drift draws thousands

Thousands of fans from all around the world poured into the stands of the Long Beach racetrack Saturday to watch professional drivers slide loud and powerful custom cars around the track, kicking off the 15th annual season of Formula DRIFT. The vehicles roaring around the track were judged by driving style and their ability to “drift” rather than which car completed the track first. Norwegian Fredric Aasbø claimed victory over the first calendar event. The site has been the starting course for the Formula DRIFT season since the inaugural race in 2004. Defending champion, James Deane, had a slow start when he was forced to use his one and only timeout before he even made an official run. Each driver is only allowed to work on their car once they have called for a timeout, and there are five five minutes provided for the driver to make any changes to their vehicle. Since the event had officially begun, Deane had no choice but to use his timeout or else he would have to forfeit his race. Announcers mentioned that the damage was likely due to one of his practice runs earlier that morning. Dan Burkett was the first to crash

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Lifestyle expo brings action sports to Long Beach

The smell of gasoline wafted into the crowd as freestyle motocross riders turned, flipped and whipped their bikes every which way Thursday night, signaling the start of the Long beach Grand Prix. Thunder Thursday and the Lifestyle expo at the Grand Prix brought action sports to Long Beach residents and visitors alike. Freestyle motocross rider Rich Kearns entertained the crowd with Indian airs and nac nacs, whipping the bike while removing the front leg to swing it to the opposite side. He also teasingly wiggled his butt mid-jump to the live music that blasted across the street. “It’s pretty cool to get to jump our dirt bike in front of all the Indy guys that are on TV all the time,” Kearns said. “It’s cool that they’re bringing action sports to these events, it shows the public what we’re up to.” The dirt bikes painted the intersection of Broadway Avenue and Pine Avenue with black skid marks, leaving their impression on downtown Long Beach. The rest of the weekend followed suit with fans retreating into the Long Beach Convention Center between races to take in the spectacle of thousands of corporate sponsors showcasing their products and giving away free merchandise.

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Uber, Lyft and other rideshare drivers fight for better job treatment

While out working one night, an Uber driver saw a post on the wall of a Facebook group page called Uber Drivers United announcing a meeting time and a Hollywood address with no explanation. He decided that it would be interesting to plug the address into his GPS and go there, to see what it was all about. When Los Angeles City College student and former Los Angeles Taxi Service supervisor Ed Gutman got there, he realized that it was just a Rite Aid. Pulling in, he saw a group of about 100 people huddled in a parking lot full of Camrys and Priuses, some of the most popular cars to drive in the ride-share industry for being exceptionally fuel-efficient. He parked his 2012 Honda Civic and walked into a meeting of outraged drivers. Uber, along with other companies like Lyft and Sidecar, “partner” with drivers who have a clean driving record and new cars to provide a peer-to-peer ride sharing service. They have enjoyed an enormous amount of success with consumers – many of whom have switched over from taxicab services – by constantly lowering their rates and recruiting friendly, hard-working drivers. Beneath the seeming success of these companies

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