Domestic violence and technology symposium dissects ‘power and control’

In the spirit of domestic violence awareness month, symposium “Behind the Screens: Domestic Violence and Technology” was held at the Anatol Center Wednesday and dissected the concept of “power and control.” The strategy combats the typical “perpetrator-survivor” analysis, in which the perpetrator and survivor are identified in a gender-based violence, but the influence of society on violence isn't discussed. According to WGEC student assistant Emily Cota, 133 attendees flowed in and out of the Anatol Center. A 10-minute survivor testimonial audio recording was played by Ebony Utley, event organizer and associate director of the Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. The testimonial depicted an example of a “cyberstalking” situation between high school individuals. A 45-minute panel discussion about the emotional and mental implications of an individual’s web reputation followed the testimonial featuring panelists Imelda Buncab, Kristelyn Berry, Addison Rose Vincent and Alyce Laviolette. The initial survivor testimonial alluded to the topic of “call-out culture,” an act that exposes confidential information about an individual by tagging them on social media without their consent. “Technology is being used to confuse and make people look crazy,” said Addison Rose Vincent, risk reduction counselor at Asian Pacific AIDS Intervention Team. For LGBTQ individuals, the “call-out

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