Long Beach City Council to extend Scooter Pilot Program

Long Beach’s Scooter Pilot Program will be extended another six months as the city council plans to look into a more permanent program. The council voted 8-0 Tuesday among support from residents. “I enjoy it and it saves me a lot of money,” said Long Beach resident Senay Kenfe. “I don’t have to take two busses anymore, I just wake up and take a scooter and save around $40 to $50 a month.” Richard Fernandez, a resident who charges batteries for Bird Scooters, said the scooters have brought a new opportunity to supplement income. “This helped me since I’ve gone a while without work,” Fernandez said. “It has helped me pay rent and pursue my career as a musician.” The council will bring the pilot under review in six months to discuss changes. The changes pose the possibility of lower rates for low income neighborhoods, better enforced rules and raising the cap from 4,000 scooters to 6,000.   Councilmember Suzie Price said she has received thousands of emails explaining scooters on the sidewalk are a large issue. She hopes the city can join with vendors to enforce rules better to combat this issue. The director of the Department of Public

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Residents plead for animal adoption changes

The Long Beach City Council was marred by a group of impassioned residents who pleaded to the board to make changes to the Long Beach animal adoption policy during Tuesday’s meeting. Advocates for the Long Beach Animal Care Services lined up one-by-one to vent their frustrations with the council, holding signs that read, “No Kill.” Alex Armstrong, 40-year resident and an animal advocate for LBACS, pressed the officials on the lack of animal adoptions in Long Beach. “Long Beach did 632 adoptions last year,” Armstrong said. “We are in the hundreds when other cities are in the thousands, how are we so behind?” Armstrong said  LBACS brought in 5,000 animals, killed 1,000 and adopted only 632 animals. Armstrong added that he believes adoptions are low due to the business relationship with the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Los Angeles. “spcaLA doesn’t want us to do the adoptions, because they want to do the adoptions,” Armstrong said. “I don’t understand why no one will stand up to Madeline Bernstein.” Madeline Bernstein is the President of spcaLA. Armstrong and others have been speaking out on this issue to the City Council since September of last year. Mayor Robert Garcia

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City Council continues efforts to reduce homelessness in Long Beach

The City Council discussed a new initiative to tackle homelessness and housing in Long Beach. During the motion, Kelly Colopy, the Long Beach Director of Health and Human Services, presented the Everyone Home Long Beach Task Force. According to the staff report, EHLB was designed to build on the city’s homeless services, affordable housing efforts, new pathways into housing and to prevent residents from falling into homelessness. According to Colopy, at least 4,000 people become homeless in Long Beach each year. “This is the biggest issue and challenge that faces us as a city,” Mayor Robert Garcia said. “There is no bigger issue than the issue of homelessness and is not an issue [that is just] affecting us but is affecting every major city in the state of California.” Colopy laid out seven goals the task force wants to accomplish, including increasing housing access, reducing homelessness, employing more people, strengthening governance and increased funding. Other goals include allocating $25 million in ongoing funding for prevention and services for homelessness and $220 million in capital funding. The chair of EHLB, Long Beach State President Jane Close Conoley, shared her thoughts on the work that can be done with this initiative, but

Council members hold off on hotel safety proposal, discuss more efficient meetings

Hotel worker safety precautions Members of the Long Beach City Council went back and forth Tuesday night with City Attorney Charles Parkin over a proposal amending the Long Beach Municipal Code that would provide workplace safety precautions for hotel employees. With the Nov. 6 general election coming up, members of the council felt this proposal was possibly motivated by Measure WW, which would require hotels in Long Beach to supply employees working in guest rooms without a coworker present with an electronic contact device, meant for summoning on-scene assistance and reporting threatening conduct. First district Councilmember Lena Gonzalez said she was concerned with the timing and process of the proposal and was worried if there would be any legal implications moving forward as a conflict of interest. “We did do the legal research, we do not believe that this proposal is in any way illegal or that the council is prohibited from moving forward if it wishes to do that,” Parkin said. He said it does not violate the Political Reform Act, an initiative attempting to reduce the amount of monetary resources spent in an election. The act was passed in the June 1974 election in the aftermath of the

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City Council staggers tattoo parlors and extend styrofoam ban

Fast and empty are the words which best describe Tuesday’s meeting of the Long Beach City Council, an affair which lasted less than an hour and lacked the presence of Mayor Robert Garcia. All nine council members were present in City Hall and unanimously voted in favor of all items on the agenda, which included the following: Require a distance of 700 feet to separate tattoo parlors from each other and primary or secondary schools. This item will be read a final time at the city council’s next regular meeting. To support the Drug Enforcement Agency’s Drug Take Back Day events, which aim to provide a method for anonymously disposing prescription drugs. Authorize the City Manager to make an agreement to receive $30,000 from the California Green Business Network, meant to implement a Green Business Certification Program. modify a contract with Garden Grove based R.J. Daum Construction Company, which was hired to complete improvements to Parking Structure A of the Long Beach Airport. make an agreement with the Long Beach Unified School District for the 2018 Summer Food Service Program’s food preparation. The amount given to the program is to not exceed $317,000. Added non-recyclable and non-compostable material to the

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Long Beach city council members elected to second terms

Most of Long Beach’s leaders for the next four years were chosen Tuesday as polling places closed at 8 p.m. The final results for the primary nominating election were posted online by the office of the city clerk at 12:56 a.m. Wednesday, after ballots from all polling places were counted. Two of the incumbents will have to run in the general municipal election on June 5.  The primary nominating elections for the city of Long Beach revealed that most incumbents will remain in office, with only 35,182 ballots counted. To be elected into office without participating in a runoff election, a candidate needs to win at least 51 percent of votes. The following candidates have won more than 50 percent of the counted votes: Mayor Robert Garcia, District 3 Councilwoman Suzie Price; and District 9 Councilman Rex Richardson. While it initially appeared that District 5 Councilwoman Stacy Mungo would gain a majority of votes in her district and be reelected, she ended up receiving only 48.5 percent of all votes. Her opponent in the runoff election will be Rich Dines, who gained the second highest amount of votes in the fifth district. In the seventh district, Councilman Roberto Uranga received only

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