Club event supplies free menstrual hygiene products to LBSU restrooms

Over a thousand menstrual hygiene products were packaged and distributed throughout the university during an event held by the Young Democratic Socialists of America LBSU chapter Tuesday. Teams comprised of members from the Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies Student Association, YDSA and student volunteers met in the University Student Union to stock menstrual hygiene products in 12 restrooms around campus. “We believe that menstrual products should be free at the point of consumption,” said Nathan York Jr., a senior political science major and YDSA secretary. “Essentially this means that while we still believe that these should be paid for in some way, they should be accessible to those who need them regardless of their income.” In California, buyers of menstrual hygiene products are taxed due to the items being considered luxuries rather than “necessities of life.” “This is a way, if not to fill a gap, to make an announcement that this is what we stand for and that products like this should be free especially for students,” York Jr. said. In the months leading up the event, YDSA received donations for menstrual hygiene products and spent club funds to add to the surplus. “It’s important to have access to

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LBSU club launches student-built rocket

A successful lift off has prompted the Beach Launch team to construct a new and improved liquid propelled rocket named “Beach 2 ‘Karmen,’” while preparing for three engineering and aerospace competitions in 2019. The club has launched two rockets since becoming a student operated entity, including its first ever liquid propelled rocket, Beach 1, that was launched Jan. 5, 2019 after two failed previous attempts. “The best part about launching Beach 1 was just watching it go up in the sky,” said Andrey Ruf, aerospace engineering major and BLT chief engineering officer. “We’ve been trying to get this rocket off the ground for almost a year now, so we were all very much like, ‘This needs to happen because we needed a win for the team.’” The launch team manufactured and perfected Beach 1 in hopes of competing with other colleges in the 2018 Friends of Amateur Rocketry competition. Once the team realized its rocket would not be flight-ready by the May 2018 contest deadline, BLT pulled out of the competition along with postponing Beach 1’s original launch date. “Everyone but one school, the University of California, Los Angeles, decided to go through, and their rocket exploded,” Ruf said. When

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La Raza’s Day of the Dead celebration honors loved ones

A hoard of students followed to the College of American Indian Studies director Craig Stone to the burial grounds on campus located on Beach Dr. as one is entering campus from Bellflower Blvd. Students followed Stone to the burial grounds while leaving a path of marigold flowers behind and singing traditional songs from the tribes that previously lived on the land as part of La Raza’s celebration of Dia de los Muertos on Thursday. “We are the first university established for the reburial of American Indians,” Stone said during the event. Dia de Los Muertos is a holiday celebrated in Mexico and Central American countries to celebrate their ancestors and the lives they left behind. Many of those in attendance of La Raza’s event came from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds to enjoy Latinx culture in the form of music, food and art. Latinx is a gender-neutral term used to replace Latino and Latina pronouns. The term is used to be more inclusive as to disregard any gender affiliation. “I feel like this event brings a lot of people to campus regardless of culture,” said Veronica Ortega, fourth-year Chicano studies major. Aside from students, local artists enjoy these cultural events

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Snaps all around at PAC Poetry Night

The sounds of clapping, singing and laughter from an audience of hundreds of attendees that filled the outside of the Kin Courtyard as students performed both original and covered works on stage. The Pilipino American Coalition hosted its PAC Poetry Night on Thursday. The night welcomed PAC club members and guests to showcase their artistic talent through poetry, music, spoken word and dancing. Poets and singers translated their talents and artistic skills into the microphone exposing their deepest emotions and feelings. Hilario Balajaou, a computer science major from Dominguez Hills, covered the song “A Million Dreams” from “The Greatest Showman.” “For tonight, I wanted to sing that song because I am in a long distance relationship and that person couldn’t be here tonight,” Banajaou said. Admission was free to anyone who wanted to come out and show off their original or unoriginal works and guests were able to purchase Thai and boba teas as well as spam musubi while they watched the performances. Performances ranged from spoken word, poetry, singing, dancing and playing instruments. Throughout the night, audience members maintained high levels of energy, singing and laughing with those they came to support. Fourth-year students Nicole Swayne and Ma Kathrina

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The Women In Film club helps create a space of inclusivity

The scrape of classroom seats, excited chatter and Christina Aguilera’s “Sick of Sittin’” filled the space of the small classroom as the Women In Film club commenced its fifth meeting. In her deep, powerful voice, Aguilera sang, “I'm sick of sittin', I'm sick of sittin' I'm sick of sittin'/I've been workin' too hard to not be livin'” a mantra akin to what the club stands for. The club was founded in the fall of 2017 by Long Beach State graduate Jessie Butera and was taken over by fourth-year film major Claudia Villalta and second-year marketing major Xochitl Torres. This semester, the pair aims to combat the marginalization of women in the film industry.   The club promotes a positive representation of trivialized groups and arranges events that depict prosperous women in film. Meetings take place every Monday at 7 p.m. in the University Telecommunications building Room 201. “Our first meeting when we were in leadership I opened it up by asking, ‘What was everyone’s favorite movie or director?’ and everyone who answered, obviously it was a male director and I was like, ‘See, this is what we’re trying to change,’” Villalta said. Villalta and Torres both started their film careers during

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