LBSU named an ‘economic powerhouse’

A new report found that Long Beach State University has a $1.53 billion impact on local economies. Beacon Economics, an independent research and consulting firm, conducted the study as a way to measure the economic and fiscal impacts of LBSU on the greater Long Beach community. “California State University, Long Beach is a sizeable institution with a significant impact on the local economy,” the report stated. “This analysis quantifies the university’s impact in terms of increased economic output, employment, employee compensation and tax revenue. Together, the economic, fiscal and social impacts illustrate just how important CSU Long Beach is to the city and counties surrounding it.” The analysis concluded that LBSU had a $1.14 billion impact on Los Angeles County, supported 10,600 jobs and contributed $546 million in tax revenues. Additionally, 76 percent of employers hired interns from LBSU and 245 Long Beach establishments are owned by LBSU alumni. Campus president Jane Close Conoley praised the report and its findings in a press release. “Students who graduate from Long Beach State, their median income a few years after graduation is nearly $100,000. So, think of that in terms of contributions to the economy,” Conoley said. “I am really proud to

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Television show ‘Community’ finds new home on Yahoo!

The hash tag #SixSeasonsAndAMovie is one step closer to becoming reality for fans of cult comedy “Community.” Just in case you are suffering from Changnesia, “Community” is officially back for season six on Yahoo! Screen. Its first episode debuted on March 17 and is already moving onto the season’s third installment. Yahoo! will roll out a new episode every Tuesday with 11 more remaining in the season. NBC never gave the show the attention and care that it deserved. Now on a new network and platform, a lot has changed inside of the show and beyond the fourth wall So what does the show that is known from its meta-humor do in the first two episodes? Lets see, the campus cafeteria roof collapses because of some Frisbees. The gang opens an underground speakeasy behind a sandwich shop. “Community” is definitely back Discussion between characters in these episodes carry over as a meta-conversation with fans of the show, in regards to how much has changed. Most of the cast is self-aware of the fact that they’re missing three of its original members. Sure things will never be the same, but they are making the best of the situation. The alterations are

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Long Beach Chocolate Festival showcases chocolate-themed treats

Complimenting her chocolate, cupcake-charm necklace, Lisa Ramelow themed her wardrobe with a frosting-pink blouse and cocoa-brown boots in celebration of Belmont Shore’s eleventh annual chocolate festival. Twenty businesses invited the Long Beach populous to purchase pink ticket-vouchers to “spend” on self-indulgent samples along Second Street on Saturday. As the owner of La Strada Italian restaurant in Belmont Shore, Lisa Ramelow advised all of her pink-and-brown-clad staff to follow suit as they passed out mousses and gelatos to eager street-side customers. “I’m definitely a chocolate lover,” Ramelow said. “I’ve eaten so much chocolate today. I’m so full!” La Strada has been in business for 21 years and has participated in the chocolate festival consecutively since its inception to the community in 2004. Ramelow said she is also a member of the Belmont Shore Business Association and that she likes planning events with the community in mind. “It’s just something to bring all the neighbors together and celebrate what a beautiful community we have and what a great location we are in,” Ramelow said. “It’s just wonderful.” Chocolate festival virgin and Belmont Shore newbie, a novelty ice cream shop called Creamistry experienced a boost in new customers and spectators observing its scientific

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10 reasons to start drinking local coffee in Long Beach

Did you know that dark roasted coffees potentially contribute to the development of cancer? A chemical called acrylamide is produced when the beans are roasted for too long. That is why you see the warning signs at Starbucks and not at your local coffee shop. The darker the coffee beans, the longer they have been roasted for, and the more carcinogenic it becomes, according to the American Cancer Society. Corporate coffee companies almost always roast their coffees darker because they are appealing to the parts of the nation with unsophisticated palates who are more interested in the traditional charred coffee of their grandparents. Coffee, when not roasted too darkly, reduces the risk of cancer According to the American Institute of Cancer Research, since specialty coffee is usually lightly roasted, it still contains all of the good antioxidants, and this actually reduces the risk of cancer. Local coffee just tastes better The packaging of the coffee you bought from the coffee chain lists flavor notes, such as blueberry, milk chocolate and caramel, but you can’t taste it. That’s because the coffee is essentially burnt. Lighter roasted coffees contain prominent flavor notes. For fruitier coffees, try a natural African from Lord Windsor

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