Housing near Long Beach State is highest in the city

As Long Beach State welcomes thousands of students back to campus for another year of higher education, students may be looking to live closer to campus. Housing is the most expensive near the university, according to data from rent market trends website Rent Jungle. Seventy-five percent of students commute from home, according to the university’s 2016-2017 Common Data Set. Some students cite soaring rental rates in the city as the reason that they do not live closer to the university. Laura Leyva, a senior majoring in civil engineering, said that she’s looked into moving out of her parents’ house so she could focus more on school. However, the average price of a one-bedroom apartment in Long Beach is about $1,800. “I live with my parents, and I think that’s pretty much the only choice that people have that live in Long Beach,” Leyva said. “There’s just no place for us students, and it’s just not possible with a minimum wage job.” Rent Jungle data states that the most expensive places to rent are near the university, downtown and the Naples-Marina area. The average cost of renting near the school is $2,650 a month, whereas the average cost to rent elsewhere

Rodents spotted in Los Alamitos dorms

On and off throughout the years, rodents have found a home in the walls and vents of Los Alamitos dorms at Cal State Long Beach — and they seem to have made a comeback this spring. Last semester, four to five-inch rodents were spotted in student residents’ dorms, some of which have helped themselves to dormers’ food from their rooms. The Housing Department representatives said they have been attentive to the issue since it was discovered that the dorms were infested. “We have been working with a professional pest control company,” said Corry Colonna, housing executive director. “Our own staff facilities are ensuring that the traps are checked and maintained regularly.” Although housing and the Stanley Pest Company have declared that the problem is just a rodent issue, some people who live in Los Alamitos express they have encountered rodents in their dorms. “I guess I was at the wrong place at the wrong time,” said Megan Schoeff, Los Alamitos room advisor and junior communications major. “Two of our residents trapped a [rodent] under a plastic trash can and it needed to be contained for when staff came to deal with it.” Schoeff said she had to sit on the

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Survey at CSULB for eventual new dorms offers big incentives

The housing department at Cal State Long Beach has launched a campus-wide survey that will include a range of incentives, with free tuition as the grand prize. The survey began on Feb. 1 and will close Feb. 12. Thirteen prizes will be awarded each day. Some of the prizes include a set of Studio Beats by Dr. Dre, an Apple Watch and a free year-long Netflix subscription. The survey was released in order to gather information on which buildings need structural or cosmetic improvements, and what price rates would be fair for dorming students. The Daily 49er reported last fall that the university is currently working on expanding campus housing by adding 900 beds and new buildings in the future. “There is good data that students who live at campus are more likely to be successful,” said Cory Colonna, executive director of housing. “We are not committed in building anything yet because we still have to do a couple studies. The first one is this market study survey going on right now.” Housing contracted a company called Brailsford & Dunlavey to help them conduct the survey. The campus looks to reach over 4,000 respondents from people both living on and

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Residents get the truth about dorm life

Late nights, loud roommates and questionable sounds coming from a neighbor’s dorm room. For some new students, the transition into residential life is full of unforeseen experiences, while for others, it is everything they expected. Cal State Long Beach dormitories Hillside and Parkside house most of those who use campus housing, but Beachside offers an off campus dorming experience to students. Lupita Gallegos felt like her transition into dorm life in the Hillside suites at CSULB went as smoothly as possible, but it was not until she saw the tears stream down her mother’s face that she realized she would be saying goodbye to her best friend for the first time. “That’s when it finally hit me that I was leaving,” Gallegos, a freshman studying criminal justice said. “My roommate and her mom were very welcoming to me though. So, it made me feel at ease, because I know if I’m ever unable to reach my mom, my roommate’s mom will be able to help me.” Several new students felt like one of the biggest changes they had to get used to was the sudden amount of freedom that comes with moving away from home. However, that also brought on

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Annual move-in day sees ‘hellos’ and ‘goodbyes’

The turn of a new semester brought hundreds of incoming students to the Cal State Long Beach campus a week prior to kicking off the fall term. CSULB’s annual “move-in” event on Saturday  stretched from the early morning to the afternoon, with incoming students arriving at staggered times to unload and strap in for the upcoming semester. While new students and their families checked in for their move-in times, the CSULB community gathered in Lot 14C for a morning of tabling, outreach and assistance. Various student and campus organizations such as Associated Students Inc., Beach Athletics and the University Police Department were in attendance to welcome incoming residents. Freshman student Dacia Maldonado checked in to her Parkside College dorm at 9:30 a.m., and afterward explored the Earl Burns Japanese Garden with her parents and brother before saying goodbye. Maldonado’s family drove her from Moreno Valley and she said this is her first time really living “on her own.” “I’m kind of sad that I’m leaving my family and friends,” Maldonado said. “But it’s also exciting? I want to meet new people.” Despite knowing that she would miss her kin in Moreno Valley, Maldonado said she was pleased that all dorm

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