Daily 49er hires new editor in chief

On a warm April night, a handful of staff members from the Daily 49er sat around tossing out adjectives, waiting for one to land. They laughed while trying to come up with the best description of a friend and team member who will soon be their new leader. A quiet student with an eye for newspaper design, senior journalism major Greg Diaz, 31, will soon take over as editor in chief at the Daily 49er. “A man of mystery, Greg has an aloofness that pairs nicely with his trademark nods and shoulder shrugs,” Amy Patton, the news editor, said. “It gives him a well-earned heir of credibility.” Diaz jumped on board at the Daily 49er in the middle of a multimedia transformation. Starting as an assistant designer for the newspaper, Diaz worked through the long 2014 summer and became print manager in the early part of the fall semester. He embedded himself into the staff slowly; his first day in the newsroom, a little over a year ago, hardly anyone heard him speak. As the weeks of summer warmed up, Diaz did the same. These days, he is friend to many on staff — though the group enjoys teasing him

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