Native Histories: California State University, Long Beach

This 10-minute podcast goes over the extensive history of American Indians at Long Beach State.

Ethnic studies programs fight against Executive Order 1100

The ethnic studies departments across California State University campuses continue to fight against an executive order that they believe will negatively affect ethnic studies departments at CSUs. Executive Order 1100-Revised was issued last year by CSU Chancellor Timothy White. There were recent protests on the CSUN campus where students voiced their opposition to this order, raising concerns about the executive order decreasing the incentive to take ethnic studies classes. “Being a minority Asian myself, it saddens me to know that ethnic studies is continuing to be shoved away since it allows others to learn about the history and culture about people of color throughout U.S. history,” said Cindy Kim, senior majoring in international and Chinese studies. Kim added that the department is already seeing low enrollment, so she believes adding these alternative classes is going to put Ethnic Studies in an even more critical state. According to Craig Stone, American Indian Studies Program Director and professor, three of the Ethnic Studies units at Long Beach State have 50 percent fewer tenure-track faculty than in the last decade. Another student, Joy Suh, a senior majoring in communication studies, brought up her concerns as an individual who immigrated to the U.S. “I

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CSUN fight to keep Ethnic Studies

Correction: Executive Order 1110 and 1100R will not eliminate the need for students to take courses in Ethnic Studies.  California State University, Northridge and Long Beach State joined forces on Thursday to discuss their grievances on the Executive Order 1100R and 1110. The meeting was held in the multicultural building on campus and consisted of a short video explaining the executive orders and CSUN students’ testimonies, followed by a Q & A. EO 1100R and 1110 are statewide mandates that have changed the requirements for students’ upper division and general education classes at California State Universities. For CSUN, EO 1100R means Section F, comparative culture studies, will no longer be a requirement for students. According to the CSUN website,  however, Section F will not see any major changes and will still require 6 units to be taken by students. Due to the EO 1100R, Section F might have a change in student enrollments but so will the other sections. Students who have transferred to CSUN that have already fulfilled their GE requirements are exempted from Section F. Instead, nine more units will be required and dispersed among sections B, C and D, which correspond with science, arts and humanities, and

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