Hungry and homeless students receive aid at CSULB

After exhausting all financial options, several students resort to sleeping in their cars, skipping meals, couch surfing or even sleeping on the streets. One in five students are in need of food, and one in 10 are in need of housing, according to research by Cal State Long Beach assistant professor in the school of Social Work, Rashida Crutchfield. The Student Emergency Intervention and Wellness Program combats these emergency situations by targeting students with housing and food insecurities to immediately serve some of the most at-risk on campus. “I was facing a situation where I was completely homeless and I was using my friends’ places, but it wasn’t long-term, and I didn’t have resources to get food or to eat healthy,” said Anette Alvarez, junior recreational therapy major. “I had already exhausted all of my financial aid — I used all my loans and [Free Application for Federal Student Aid]. They helped me find an apartment soon after, and they gave me 10 free dining hall meals for the entire semester. They also signed me up for the CalFresh program, so I got money for groceries through them, and they basically held my hand through the entire semester.” The Cal