Library open for 24 hours during finals week

Finals season is approaching and a lot of students are stressing out over the various papers, projects and assignments being assigned to them by their professors. The University Library’s study areas will be open during finals week beginning Sunday Dec. 9 from 12:30 p.m. to Wednesday Dec.19 at 6:00 p.m. However, not all resources will be open all day and night. The research desk has differing hours throughout the week, but it will not be open Dec. 15. The special collection and university archives will have varying hours throughout the week, according to the library website. The library will be open for 24 hours during those days so students can work on their assignments without having to worry about closing time. Some who do not go to the library during final hours think it is beneficial for students not having access or resources to study. “I don’t think I’ll be utilizing it as much, but I think it’s a good resource for people who don’t have the funds or accessibility whether it be because they are low-income or have school and work or children,” said Jackie Villegas, senior English literature major. “I used to go to San Francisco State and

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Think happy thoughts: getting through finals week

You’ve already begun breaking out in hives, your professors remind you during each class and you compulsively check the calendar, counting the days again and again. Finals are almost here. It’s too late to organize a boycott of finals this year, but at least students can distract their mind with the following 10 happy thoughts.   Summer vacation. Think warm weather, the beach, travel and going out with your friends. If you didn’t take the summer off, you’re probably an overachiever who enjoys the pressure, so you have that to look forward to.   This too shall pass. Really, no matter how it pans out. Finals season is temporary. After it is over, it is out of your hands. Take that as you will.   The Jacuzzi at the student recreation center. Go relax in the steaming hot water instead of studying pages of notes you can’t read, even though you wrote them. Or if you can read them, record yourself reading them and listen while you lounge in the hot tub.   Just dance. It’ll be okay. Crank up some “Crazy in Love” and put a groove in your step as you walk to your finals. It is okay

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