Take a load off before passing classes

Need a break from finals? Beginning Dec. 13, Associated Students Inc. will host multiple events throughout finals week to give students a load off from tests and relax their brains from stress. The theme for this year’s fall finals week is rooted from the television show “Friends,” often visualized as “F•R•I•E•N•D•S” but instead of using that as the title, they substituted it with F•I•N•A•L•S. ASI will provide multiple vendors throughout each day from Dec.13 through Dec. 19. Events start as early as 10 a.m. and go until 5 p.m. Some of the events include henna tattoos, balloon art, puppy therapy, massage therapy provided by the Student Recreation and Wellness Center, holiday decorating and caricature artists. Balloon Monsoon- Dec. 13, Thursday 10 a.m. - noon Henna Tattoo- Dec. 13, Thursday 11 a.m. - 2 p.m. Massage Therapy- Dec. 14, Friday 11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. Holiday Decorating- Dec. 13, Thursday noon - 3 p.m. Caricature Artist- Dec. 19, Wednesday noon - 2 p.m. Puppy Therapy Dec. 17, Monday noon - 2 p.m. “I think the event I'm looking forward to the most is the henna tattoo,” said sophomore communications major Sarah Hicks. “I’m not allowed to have real tattoos so at

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Snack now, peel better later

Before we can go home and celebrate the holidays with our loved ones, we must finish our last task of the semester: finals. With the dreaded week comes the inevitable scramble to find a spot to study and asking professors last minute questions. One thing the majority of college students forget to do during this busy week— which I am guilty of as well— is eating. Although it is mentioned every time finals come around, it’s important remind yourself of the simple task. Here are quick, college-budget friendly snacks for any student on the go. Each recipe that is given has multiple ingredients in common — and no, love is not on that list, this isn’t your momma’s kitchen. It’s fruits, vegetables, nuts and oats.   Chocolate blueberry smoothie To make the chocolate blueberry smoothie you’ll need to blend 1 cup frozen blueberries, 1 teaspoon cocoa powder, ¼ cup of dark chocolate, 1 cup milk of choice, ¼  teaspoon vanilla extract, dash cinnamon, dash nutmeg, 2 teaspoons maple syrup (or agave) and fresh blueberries, for garnish (optional).  According to the book, “Women’s Health” by East Los Angeles College blueberries reduce stress and anxiety, improve learning capacity, balance and memory. The

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The ultimate finals playlist

Music is an integral part of my life. So much so, I can barely go more than an hour without putting my mangled headphones in my ears — yes, I’m sadly Airpod-less. Music motivates me to get through anything, whether it’s cleaning, exercising or studying. With finals season quickly approaching, I always like to be well equipped in my musical arms, ready for the proverbial hell week. While some people can only stand to listen to music that either has no words or strictly comes from the lofi Youtube station featuring the girl eternally bored while scribbling in her notebook, I find comfort in music that I would normally listen to on a daily basis. Although the music isn’t my usual, upbeat music I have in my line-up — and it’s a long one. Instead of sitting in silence with your eyes glued to your computer, staring at an essay you definitely didn’t procrastinate on, listen to these top eight tunes from my go-to study playlist. The complete playlist can be found on Apple Music at @faithpetrie and on Spotify using the scannable code.   “Focus” - H.E.R. As a longtime fan of H.E.R. it’s an understatement to say she

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Library open for 24 hours during finals week

Finals season is approaching and a lot of students are stressing out over the various papers, projects and assignments being assigned to them by their professors. The University Library’s study areas will be open during finals week beginning Sunday Dec. 9 from 12:30 p.m. to Wednesday Dec.19 at 6:00 p.m. However, not all resources will be open all day and night. The research desk has differing hours throughout the week, but it will not be open Dec. 15. The special collection and university archives will have varying hours throughout the week, according to the library website. The library will be open for 24 hours during those days so students can work on their assignments without having to worry about closing time. Some who do not go to the library during final hours think it is beneficial for students not having access or resources to study. “I don’t think I’ll be utilizing it as much, but I think it’s a good resource for people who don’t have the funds or accessibility whether it be because they are low-income or have school and work or children,” said Jackie Villegas, senior English literature major. “I used to go to San Francisco State and

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Night of Relaxation brings meditation and yoga before finals

In an effort to alleviate student stress preceding finals, Beach Balance gave Cal State Long Beach a chance to unwind and practice spiritual well-being Wednesday night. Night of Relaxation is hosted every semester during the last few weeks of classes in the Student Wellness and Recreation Center and brings students a chance to practice meditation through a one and a half hour yoga session. “It’s a way of wellness that not a lot of people know about,” said Muriel Valencia, third-year kinesiology major and Beach Balance employee. “It’s important to emphasize meditation and yoga because it’s a way of connecting to your spiritual well-being even though that is different for each person. With me being a strong believer of psychical wellness, meditation just opened my eyes.” In a featured study done by the American Psychology Association, researchers found those who practiced mindfulness had significantly less anxiety, depression and somatic distress which is how their body reacts when under a stressful situation. In that same study, it was also proved to help with memory, focus, self-observation and the way people react to things emotionally. Wendy Cha, a fifth year community health science major was diagnosed with anxiety, post traumatic stress