Beach Weekly Episode 10: The search for a new mascot

For a special 10th edition in the news roundup, this podcast delves into all things related to the Long Beach State mascot, or lack thereof. Beach Weekly host James Chow interviews reporters Perry Continente, Rachel Barnes and Paula Kiley, who helped cover and contribute to the new mascot conversation. While Continente and Kiley go over their own stories, Barnes discusses an opinion piece written by reporter Josh Sepetjian about the consequent changes for the campus moving away from the 49er brand. 0:42: ASI resolution brings new mascot discussion to the student body 3:30: Opinion piece on mascot discussion impacting 49er promotional material 6:45: The creators behind the "Giraffe 4 Mascot" campaign Music used: Bensound - Funky Suspense

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Beach Weekly: Episode 9

James Chow and Hannah Getahun round up this week's news content with special guests Opinions Editor Rachel Barnes and News Editor Austin Brumblay. Stories include the cancellation of Week of Welcome, the new Golden Girls class, a chemistry professor who received Wang Family Excellence award and a possible referendum on a new school mascot. WoW gets cancelled: 0:41 Golden Girls class: 3:51 Chemistry professor wins award: 9:34 New mascot possible referendum: 13:05 Music used: Bensound - All That

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