LBSU exchange students tell the tale of two cities

Want to travel abroad? A new course is being created at LBSU that will allow students the chance to visit Germany, this opportunity coincides with a partnership that has allowed film students and professors a unique opportunity to travel abroad. Marshall Sebastian Kolderup-Lane recently returned from Hamburg, Germany after spending the summer there. The third year Long Beach State student said he’s confident that he now has a couch to sleep on at any corner of the world. “Germany is interesting because it’s kind of a similar culture and people speak English there so you don’t feel too uncomfortable,” said Kolderup-Lane. Since 2014, LBSU professors have traveled to HAW in June and professors from HAW travel to LBSU in February for a filmmaking exchange. Ingrid Weatherall [from HAW] is the strategic manager for the USA and heads the strategic university project “HAW goes USA,” where they develop strategic partnerships with US universities. The Strategic Cooperations & International Marketing office of both universities oversee the program. Sharon Olson from LBSU works with Weatherall to help students coordinate travel arrangements and such. It all started when retired LBSU and Electronic Arts Department professor Tom Blomquist became an advisor for Silke Buse, a