Letter to the Editor: Why a CSULB building should be named in Dr. Joe White’s memory

  On April 16, the ASI Senate passed a resolution 21-0-1, commemorating the career of Dr. Joseph L. White and to support the Dr. Joseph L. White’s Legacy Memorial Project. The project proposes that CSULB President Jane Close Conoley name a building on campus to recognize Dr. White’s role as the founder of the Educational Opportunities Program and the field of Black psychology. I introduced this resolution along with Senator-at-Large Thulani Ngazimbi to support honoring Dr. White’s unique contributions and service to higher education during his 56-year academic career. We ask our fellow Senators to embrace this project because there is nothing more important than the voice of Long Beach students, many who are here because of EOP. I also proposed this initiative because White impacted me personally. My first and only encounter with White was two months into my college career at CSULB, in October 2014. To fulfill a University Honors Program requirement, I attended an event commemorating the 60-year anniversary of the Supreme Court’s landmark decision in Brown v. Board of Education, which included a panel featuring White. As I listened to him speak, I was both moved by his insights on our nation’s perpetual search for identity

A Fee for Long Beach State students

It's 8 a.m. on a Friday and the semester is in full swing. A thin-framed, energetic, 43-year-old staff member is eagerly waiting to hit the sidewalks of lower campus. New Long Beach State Athletic Director Andy Fee looks through his thick, black-rimmed rectangle glasses to check his daily schedule one last time before heading out for a full day. He heads to water polo first to sit with head coach Gavin Arroyo for 20 minutes. The two are discussing putting in new lights at the Ken Lindgren Aquatics Center to make it a better facility for night matches. Next on the Friday agenda for Fee is touching base with softball, where he sits down in the stands and watches batting practice. He waits 10 minutes for head coach Kim Sowder to talk about some incoming freshman and the team’s overall progress for the season. Fee was hired back in April to take over for Interim Athletic Director Cindy Masner. He was one of four candidates to rise to the top from an original pool of over 100 applicants for the position. University President Jane Close Conoley talked about what made him the right choice, describing him as “intensely competitive,” and

LBSU Athletics introduces new clubhouse

Long Beach State called a press conference Thursday to announce the construction of a new clubhouse for the women’s soccer and softball teams. The $3.5 million project will begin in January and should be finished in late summer. Workers will break ground at the corner of the softball complex nearest to the entrance of George Allen Field, allowing for easy access for both teams and will include individual lockers, sports medicine space and team rooms for both programs. Both the soccer and softball programs move on from the days of using public locker rooms in the Kinesiology building and the Walter Pyramid for team meetings or sports medicine treatment. “Even though we are financially constrained, the athletics department has always done so much with so little,” said university President Jane Close Conoley. “We want to thank everyone who’s supported us in this project.” Doug and Sandra Leafstedt contributed $200,000 to get the ball rolling, which the university would match. At the unveiling it was announced that Deputy Athletics Director Cindy Masner would also contribute $50,000 to the project. “This is going to flip the vision of what recruits and communities see when they come to soccer and softball games,” athletic

Proposed alumni center to be funded via donations

If the proposed Anna W. Ngai Alumni and Visitor Center receives all $12 million of funding expected to begin construction, Cal State Long Beach students may spot a new building in the parking lots near Atherton Street and Merriam Way. The building is currently slated to begin construction in the fall of 2018. The center is named after international student Anna W. Ngai, who traveled to CSULB from Hong Kong and graduated in 1974 with a bachelor’s degree in finance and business administration. Ngai, who founded several companies that operate multiple restaurant chains throughout California and Oregon, is the lead donor of the project. "I was fortunate to be an international student. It was the best four years of my life,” said Ngai in a statement on the Alumni Association’s website. “I wanted to show people that even international students should give back." Specific details such as the center’s appearance and parking will not be finalized until the $12 million needing to fund the building have been accrued. With $5.5 million of the donation-only funded building raised so far, 54 percent of the budget is still needed. Anyone who wants to support the project via donation is welcome to. However,

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CSULB must prioritize commuting students

Every Cal State Long Beach student with a car has their own way of dealing with parking. Some drivers will arrive early enough to find a coveted spot in one of the three structures on campus; others will arrive minutes before high-traffic hour hits campus, hoping for an open spot on the fringes of parking lot 14A or 11A. Many student drivers fork over $130 at the beginning of the semester to acquire a general parking permit (that price will go up in the semesters to come), while others shoulder the responsibility of finding off-campus parking on Palos Verdes avenue or Bellflower boulevard everyday, often driving endlessly in hopes of catching an open spot to squeeze into. No matter what your get-to-school plan is, we all have one. We have to have one. The real parking issue begins when there is no spot to claim and one’s get-to-school plan falls through. When you’ve arrived to campus an hour prior to your class starting, and you’re unable to find a single space open despite minutes upon minutes of scourging the lower campus student lots in search of a parking space. Eventually, you are late for class (unless you’re forced to miss

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Convocation lays down road for upcoming school year

President Jane Close Conoley kicked off Cal State Long Beach’s annual Convocation on Friday at the Carpenter Performing Arts Center, addressing the importance of embracing diversity on campus during a politically and socially tumultuous time. Conoley also used this event to introduce the notion of a CSULB with “no barriers.” “We need to work together in order to create resources for everyone," Conoley said. She said that one of those resources she wants to create is a new budget system, one which rewards risk and innovation. While the president was not specific about the logistics of this system, she hopes that it will bring a positive impact to the campus and everyone at CSULB. Conoley added that she’s optimistic about the coming school year and wants to keep the best of the past, while also moving into the future. Being a strong believer in growth and innovation, Conoley made sure the audience understood that change was coming, with stronger communication being a big focus for the upcoming year. “This year everything is possible, and that is the truth," Conoley said at the end of  Convocation. Led by Provost Brian Jersky, Convocation introduced other speakers as well, including Academic Senate Chair

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Student expelled after issuing numerous email complaints about administrator

[related title="Related Stories" stories="42954" align="left" background="on" border="all" shadow="on"] Former Student Life and Development coordinator and doctoral student Alisia Thompson was expelled from Cal State Long Beach on Wednesday after sending as many as 2,000 email complaints regarding Vice President of Student Affairs Carmen Taylor to university officials, colleagues of Taylor and CSU employees. Speaking generally, President Jane Close Conoley said that expulsions are typically rare in her experience and cause “a lot of heartache.” The complaint itself was a 31-page attachment with her statement as well as supporting screenshots that accompanied each email, articulating her detailed account of alleged workplace abuse directed toward Thompson from Taylor’s office. The reasons for expulsion were listed by Provost Brian Jersky, who issued an email to Thompson on Wednesday illustrating the cause for expulsion in seven points. In addition, Taylor has filed a three-year restraining order against Thompson as well as a civil harassment suit. Copies of the order, expulsion letter and complaint were all given to the Daily 49er by Thompson. Taylor and Conoley have referred all requests for comment to Terri Carbaugh, the university spokesperson. University officials have refused to comment on the situation, citing the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act,

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