CSU Long Beach kicks the keg on Beer Fest

Cal State Long Beach school officials quietly canceled the 2nd annual Craft Beer Festival over mysterious on and off-campus protestations about the university sponsoring an alcohol centric event— despite over 1,500 students, alumni and craft beer connoisseurs attending last year. “There were a few community members and groups on campus opposed to [this year’s festival],” said Kierstin Stickney, CSULB’s director of marketing and communications. “Bringing alcohol onto a college campus can create a heightened environment with polarizing views. At risk of upsetting folks or creating bad press on behalf of the University, we decided to discontinue the Long Beach Craft Beer Festival.” Featuring over 100 craft liquid delectables from 50+ local, national and international distilleries, participants sipped (or chugged) their unlimited 2 oz refills. Food trucks from local eateries like Naples Food Co. and Legends were charged with satiating guests unavoidable beer “munchies.” Answers for who protested and why were as opaque as the Molé Stout that Ska Brewing supplied for guests last year. Lt. Richard Goodwin of the University Police Department stated that there were no alcohol related calls for service or incidents at this event, and press coverage of the festival seemed to be positive. A Daily 49er

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