Preschool teacher arrested near College of Business

A preschool teacher for the Isabel Patterson Child Development Center was apprehended by University Police Saturday after a faculty member called 911 following a complaint of suspicious behavior near the College of Business. Ernesto Higuera, who has since resigned from his position, was processed by the Long Beach Police Department under allegations of filming or photographing at least one person in a bathroom on campus, the Long Beach Post reported. Higuera was released Saturday on a $25,000 bail. Terri Carbaugh, spokesperson for Long Beach State, confirmed that the 38-year-old suspect had been working at the center since August. “Prior to his hire, he underwent the mandatory… Department of Justice background check and FBI background check that requires fingerprinting,” Carbaugh said. “At that time he was cleared to work at that position.” According to Carbaugh, a court hearing for Higuera is scheduled for Jan. 3. Parents of children at the center were notified about the arrest through an email sent by AlecSandria Colchico, the director of the development center. A meeting was held Monday night at the Patterson Center. Representatives from the University Police Department, the Human Resources division and the daycare center were there to answer questions parents had regarding

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Long Beach City Council approves pilot program to equip more police with body cameras

Following the original pilot program in November 2016, the Long Beach City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to begin a second program to equip Long Beach Police Department officers with body cameras. The city awarded a one-year contract to technology and weapons tech company, Axon Enterprise Inc. The contract contains both the options to renew the program for three additional six-month periods or to cancel following a review after six months. Two-hundred LBPD officers will receive body cameras under the program. The original program ran from November 2016-17, in which 40 cameras were issued out to West Division patrol officers. The cameras were still used by the officers following the conclusion of the program. Although the initial pilot program wasn’t intended to add additional costs to the city, the contract does state that if it is renewed, the program will require three full-time staff members at an estimated full cost of $353,186. If the program were to become permanent, it would require eight positions for an estimated cost of nearly $1 million. “I think we are past due the time having these body cameras in place,” District 3 Councilwoman, Suzie Price said. “While I understand what has taken us so long

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CSULB shuttle bus involved in accident

A two-car accident today closed off the intersection of West Campus Drive and Seventh Street. A driver suffered from a medical emergency while driving, causing him to lose control of his car and crash into a campus shuttle. According to Larry Walker, officer of the Long Beach Police Department, the Nissan Sedan was towed, and the left side was wrecked. The turn on West Campus Drive to Seventh was closed off by red flares, and vehicles were being directed by police. The crash resulted in heavy late morning traffic along Seventh. The incident occurred around 10:20 a.m, and it wasn’t until 11:05 a.m when they reopened the streets. According to Sgt. Brad Johnson of the Long Beach Police Department, a 2011 Kia Optima was involved in the car accident. LBPD was dispatched at 10:30 a.m. to investigate the accident.The driver who was admitted into the hospital has not been stated. “We don’t give out hospital names.” said Sgt. Johnson. “The Long Beach Fire Department were dispatched and took the individual to the hospital.” Mike Caldin, a manager at the Cal State Long Beach shuttle services stated that the shuttle model was a Ford E-450 DRW, a commercial truck. The shuttle

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University police pointers for new students

With the madness of move-in day, University Police came out with a mobile command center and “coffee with a cop” tables to help new students adjust to the area. Lt. Richard Goodwin and Sgt. Keith Caires were out with a number of officers from the department, even a new bomb-sniffing dog, who greeted the families and freshmen moving into Beachside dorms. Sgt. Caires was kind enough to do a quick question and answer for us in anticipation of the new semester. What are some of the most common crimes on campus? Sgt. Caires - Bike thefts and crimes of opportunity are the biggest ones we see. People picking up a laptop or phone that gets left lying around. Just because that person has been sitting across from you in the library for a few hours doesn’t mean you can trust [them]. What is UPD doing to mitigate these crimes? Sgt. Caires - When we started crime prevention efforts on the bike theft problems, we saw a real decrease, not only in number of occurrences but in value as well. It’s not because one or two cops are out there working, the community is taking care of itself. Students can also

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