Student artists display pieces at the Long Beach Airport for visitors on the move

Long Beach State and The Long Beach Airport partnered to showcase student artist’s work on display for people rushing to and from the airport Sept. 21. This exhibition was made possible by the administration of the Long Beach Airport and the LBSU College of The Arts. Michael Nannery, advising coordinator for the College of Arts was involved with the development of the project and said he loves “working with young artists.” The art will be shown along high traffic areas of the airport including the main terminal and will be on a six-month rotation cycle to allow new artists’ work to be displayed to the public. “We are enthusiastic to showcase our artists in the public setting of Long Beach Airport,” Director for the School of Art Aubry Mintz said. “Art is a force that adds value to daily life and brings us together. We are eager to see the effect these works have on both travelers and the local community.” In order to have their art shown in the airport, students can submit proposals, then the pieces are chosen based on a set of guidelines to match thematic and aesthetic guidelines set by the airport. Seven projects were submitted

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City Council planes for the future

After conducting a two-hour study session on the Long Beach Airport Noise Compatibility Ordinance on Feb. 17, Long Beach City Council expressed concerns about modifying the guidelines of the 20-year-old policy. According to the official website of the Long Beach website, the ordinance originally aimed to create a balance between air commerce and noise exposure. Under the ordinance, 41 commercial flights and 25 commuter flights are allowed per day. Potential expansion of the Long Beach Airport to accommodate international flights could possibly threaten the noise ordinance, according to Councilman Al Austin who called for the study session. “I have a number of questions and concerns about the impact such a facility would have on the quality of life in the neighborhoods,” Austin said. “These impacts must be fully and publicly vetted before taking any action.” JetBlue Airways Corp., one of Long Beach Airport’s primary airlines since 2001, made a formal request to the Long Beach Airport on Monday in a letter delivered by JetBlue Senior Vice President for Government Affairs Robert Land. “Following the City Council Study Session held recently on the Airport Noise Ordinance… JetBlue requests the city seek the presence of U.S. Customs for purposes of processing aircraft

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