Annual May Day demonstration sparks conversations on social change

Long Beach residents marched for their rights as workers for International Workers’ Day.

Long Beach residents reveal the first ever People’s Budget Proposal

About forty residents gathered on Tuesday morning in front of City Hall to present and endorse the first ever “The People’s Budget Proposal” for the 2019 fiscal year. The budget proposal was authored by four local activist organizations: the Housing Habitability Coalition, the Invest in Youth Campaign, the Long Beach Language Access Coalition and the Sanctuary Long Beach Campaign. The groups requested that the Long Beach City Council approve a budget for 2019 which includes allocations addressing four areas: immigrant rights, language justice, safe housing and youth opportunities. A proposal for the city’s budget for the following year has not yet been revealed. “A budget is not merely a spreadsheet but [it is] a moral document that reflects our community’s values and our government’s commitment to the people,” said Jorge Rivera, program director with Long Beach Residents Empowered. “The People’s Budget Proposal is a reflection of the community’s passion and vision for a better community.” The People’s Budget asks that city officials include the following in their final budget: An allocation of $250,000 from the city’s general fund, meant for setting up a legal defense fund to help undocumented individuals find legal representation, which the city council approved in March.