College of Education urges students to become teachers

On the second day of Education Week at Cal State Long Beach, the College of Education hosted several informational booths in the central quad where they showcased opportunities in teaching. High school teaching jobs are expected to increase by almost 10 percent, according to the College of Education, who hopes to inspire more students to become teachers. “We definitely are starting to see a more need for teachers, especially in [Los Angeles Unified School District], northern and southern California,” said Elodia Montano, student service professional in the Teacher Advising Center. “I think it’s the future. We need good teachers to educate our future generations.” Volunteers handed out black and gold pins, pamphlets and bracelets, while offering information about how to pursue a career in education. Nancy Levyssohn, student service professional in graduate studies, takes pride in counseling and leading students within the major. "It's great to talk to prospective students, especially when they don't know which direction go to, but they know they want to be an educator," Levyssohn said. "It's always exciting when you're looking at the prospective student and they suddenly get a light in their face, like 'oh, that's the one I want to do!" Some members

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