No mascot, no problem

We need a new mascot, we don’t need a new mascot. I’ll solve the problem; how about no mascot? Associated Students Inc. launched its web-based mascot search Monday morning, and I’m sure they’ll receive a ton of serious ideas ranging from escalators to mummies. All memes aside, this raises a bigger issue, why should we be forced to submit to one symbol? Long Beach State prides itself on its diverse student body, faculty and community. According to College Factual, LBSU ranks 190 out of 2718 in the nation for ethnic diversity among universities, beating out all other California State Universities. So it only makes sense to honor that diversity by not squeezing ourselves into a giraffe suit. It’s ironic that LBSU Athletics has already adopted this model, seeing as a mascot’s main purpose is to represent sports teams. The baseball team calls itself the Dirtbags, while the men’s basketball team has ascended LBSU and rebranded itself as a team of the city, as made evident by its new LBC jerseys. Women’s soccer, women’s volleyball and others have latched onto the Beach, which has been widely used for sports attire and cheers. Ask the men’s volleyball team how they’ve been doing

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Beach Weekly Episode 10: The search for a new mascot

For a special 10th edition in the news roundup, this podcast delves into all things related to the Long Beach State mascot, or lack thereof. Beach Weekly host James Chow interviews reporters Perry Continente, Rachel Barnes and Paula Kiley, who helped cover and contribute to the new mascot conversation. While Continente and Kiley go over their own stories, Barnes discusses an opinion piece written by reporter Josh Sepetjian about the consequent changes for the campus moving away from the 49er brand. 0:42: ASI resolution brings new mascot discussion to the student body 3:30: Opinion piece on mascot discussion impacting 49er promotional material 6:45: The creators behind the "Giraffe 4 Mascot" campaign Music used: Bensound - Funky Suspense

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‘Giraffe 4 Mascot’ campaign reaches new heights

The night before the Imagine Beach 2030 online event, two students made their way across campus with a roll of tape and a stack of flyers with “Giraffe 4 Mascot” in bold, black lettering. By morning, over 50 pink and blue flyers were posted throughout campus calling for the giraffe as Long Beach State’s new mascot. Following the retirement of Prospector Pete last September, the mascot’s absence created a vacuum, leaving students to wonder who or what will take his place. Enter second year film major Dominic Hure and third year political science major Jonah Zeko, the brains behind the Long Beach Long Necks, a student-run campaign advocating for a giraffe mascot. The Long Beach Long Neck was initially the brainchild of Hure, who approached Zeko with zeal, just days before Imagine Beach 2030. The two-day online event garnered community input for the future of the university last November. “[Hure] basically said, ‘I want the giraffes to be our new mascot. This is my dream and you have to help me,’” Zeko recalls. According to Zeko, the Long Beach Long Necks idea was not out of character for Hure, who has created kooky and unconventional content such as a two-minute

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In the search for a new mascot, LBSU is missing the big picture

The conversation over which woodland creature or campus landmark best represents us is a fun and ultimately harmless diversion from the stress of a new term, but it’s still distracting from a larger issue. We, as a campus community, are failing to address the fact that the retirement of Pete the Problematic Prospector is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the changes in Long Beach State’s future. The decision to retire Pete came from an Associated Students Inc. resolution from March 2018, and the language in that resolution isn’t limited to only the change of mascot. It stated that Long Beach would dissociate itself from “all aspects that glorify the gold rush era; be it the mascot, merchandise, statues, promotional material, events, or phrase 49er.” If you’ve ever set foot on the Long Beach State campus, you know that would mean a lot of changes. We’re not just talking about moving a statue. We’re talking about a campuswide revamp of the entire school’s image. The Nugget, The Outpost, The 49er Shops and even the publication you are currently reading may have to undergo changes to conform to these new standards. Changes like this need to be clearly

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Beach Weekly: Episode 9

James Chow and Hannah Getahun round up this week's news content with special guests Opinions Editor Rachel Barnes and News Editor Austin Brumblay. Stories include the cancellation of Week of Welcome, the new Golden Girls class, a chemistry professor who received Wang Family Excellence award and a possible referendum on a new school mascot. WoW gets cancelled: 0:41 Golden Girls class: 3:51 Chemistry professor wins award: 9:34 New mascot possible referendum: 13:05 Music used: Bensound - All That

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Senate resolves to remove mascot, appoints senator to board

Associated Students Inc. Senate discussed possible methods of sourcing a replacement for Prospector Pete including a school-wide vote during Wednesday night’s meeting. Long Beach State is replacing longtime mascot Prospector Pete due to his association with the gold rush prospectors he represents and their role in the genocide of Native Americans. Last September, the university confirmed its disassociation from the 49er following a growing argument that the mascot is a symbol of genocide. Although it is unclear when, the statue is set to relocate to the developing Alumni Center. Sen. Matthew Major expressed concern about students voting, mentioning “The Escalators” as a mascot suggestion that has become popular online. “In the unlikely case that that is one of the most popular choices, is there some way we could respond to that?” Major asked. ASI Senate Chair Leen Almahdi reassured Major, “That’s why we are still developing criteria.” Outside the meeting, Almahdi considered the ramifications of Pete’s removal and its possible effect on other gold rush themed parts of LBSU such as The Nugget and the 49er shops. “The change is something the 49er shops would have to respond to,” she said. The Senate also appointed Sen. Yamin Yee as the

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