From rings to a reserve role

As the only true freshman on the roster, Demetrius Mims has begun his college basketball career on a path of his own. He’s listed at 6-foot-6 and doesn’t look like the traditional college freshman. At 180 pounds, “Meech” Mims appears to weigh more when you see his chiseled frame. Inked with a full sleeve of tattoos on his right arm that represents his Baltimore roots, Mims makes his way around campus with an air of confidence. He can be seen during pregame warmups doing 360-degree and between the legs dunks, easily setting himself apart as one of the most high-flying guys on the team. The Long Beach guard grew up in a rough Baltimore, Maryland neighborhood and attended Baltimore Polytechnic Institute high school. Transitioning from north Baltimore to the Parkside dorms was a breeze for Mims, going from the inner city projects to living on Earl Warren Drive. The move became even easier when he immediately joined the Long Beach State men’s basketball team. “[Long Beach] is a lot nicer than where I’m from,” Mims said. “It’s just a chill, nice environment. My teammates are real welcoming too, so it’s been easy.” Founded in 1883, Baltimore Poly has a rich

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