Compton resident says former ASI employee was on drugs at time of murders

A former Associated Students Inc. employee, Jamie Williams, who is facing capital murder charges, may have been high on PVP, or “bath salts,” when he was arrested, according to longtime family friend and Compton resident, Brandy Riley Fletcher. According to Fletcher, Williams was seen running out of his stepfather’s house naked Sept. 28 with blood on his face and told Fletcher’s brother to call the police. She added that Williams told her brother, who was standing outside, that he just shot everyone in the house. Williams, 43, was formally charged with two counts of murder with a special circumstances allegation of multiple murders and one count of attempted murder, Tuesday. Facebook Jamie Williams is currently being held after being charged with the murder of his stepfather and stepsister. Fletcher’s mother lives two doors down from Eddie Talley Jr., 65, who was shot and killed alongside his 13-year-old stepdaughter Brittany Malone, and Talley’s wife who is still in critical condition, she said. Fletcher gave her account of what happened that night. Fletcher, who works with campus security at Compton High School said that the 600 block of West Palmer Street, where the shooting occurred, is a tight-knit community. “I’ve

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Former ASI employee arrested Friday in connection to double homicide

Long Beach State University Police responded to reports of a disgruntled former employee of the Student Recreation and Wellness Center Friday. They were unable to locate him. Jamie Williams was arrested hours later in connection to a shooting that left his father and step sister dead, and his stepmother injured. Williams, 43, is currently being held on a $2 million bail. University spokeswoman Terri Carbaugh confirmed that he was a fitness equipment technician for the SRWC and Williams was still listed on the Associated Students Inc. staff directory as a current employee as of Monday afternoon. Carbaugh confirmed that he was employed from October 2017 to March 2018 and that he chose to leave his position. Williams’ had a previous criminal record, two counts of assault with a deadly weapon from 2001; Carbaugh stated that the university is currently looking into if this was known at the time of his hiring. “Successful candidates for ASI are asked if they have a criminal record,” Carbaugh said in an email. “In all employee related matters, we are unable to publicly share details of personnel files.” According to University Police, Williams attempted to visit several offices on campus to air his grievances Friday.

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