In 2020, actions must speak louder than words

It is absolutely worth listening to rhetoric, as it can be revelatory about how a candidate thinks. We cannot read a candidate’s mind, but examining what they have done can help reveal what they truly care about.

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LBSU needs to put its money where its mouth is

When Long Beach State students look back on their time at this school, instead of remembering that our volleyball team received a championship title or that we’re one of the only universities with shark tanks on campus, their memories will be filled with broken escalators and the lack of a mascot. Long Beach State should spend its funds on improving the academic experience, not on escalators and rebranding the university. Last June, former California Governor Jerry Brown increased state funding for the California State University system, allowing room for about 4,000 more students to enroll statewide. While that sounds positive, this means classes will increase in size and courses will fill up faster. To accommodate these changes, LBSU will need to spend more money on new infrastructures and hiring staff. Instead the university is spending on the new mascot campaign and repairing escalators that never seem to work regardless. Incoming students may be unaware of the university’s current financial situation, but upperclassmen know that last year the commencement ceremony was moved from the Central Quad to the Athletic Soccer Field and live music was almost cut in order to save money due to proposed budget cuts. According to President Jane

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In defense of LBSU’s construction problem

My first semester at Long Beach State was Fall 2016. From then until now, I’m not sure if there’s been a single day when some kind of construction wasn’t happening on campus. Construction can be loud, ugly and in some cases incredibly inconvenient; but ultimately, it’s necessary. I’m not saying I enjoy the disruption that construction brings, because I agree that it’s super annoying, but I think we as a campus community should try to see the big picture. As a student, you’re only going to spend a few years maximum at a university. This might feel like a long time, but university lifespans are measured in decades, not years. In some cases they’re measured in centuries. Because of this, institutions have to consider the long run when thinking about facilities and maintenance. Construction of a modern state of the art building doesn’t take a week; it could take years. Long Beach State is in a season of looking toward the future. From the mascot change to the Beach 2030 initiative, we’re trying to figure out exactly what the school’s identity is going to be in the coming decades. The reality is, there probably aren’t very many students, faculty or

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Amazon’s get rich scheme

My conscience won’t let me order things off of Amazon anymore and I’ve got a few reasons why. The company treats its employees like garbage, and I believe billionaires should be illegal while the majority of the population is struggling for money. What I don’t get is why more people aren’t as bothered by Amazon’s sketchy business practices as I am, even after all of the scandals keep coming to light. Sure, free two-day shipping is amazing, but is it still worth it knowing that Amazon warehouse workers have to pee in bottles to make their quota for the day? I thought everyone agreed sweatshops were inhumane, and what Amazon is doing to its employees is pretty comparable. A Reddit user who works for Amazon said that in his first week working there, two people collapsed from dehydration. All his managers did was complain that they had to fill out a report, like they’re the victims here. Surely, the victim isn’t the warehouse employee passed out in their own pee. Personally, I am not okay with subjecting 566,000 people to such horrible working conditions to make a rich man richer. We all know that Jeff Bezos isn’t the best guy

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