‘Liminal’ prompts CSULB seniors to define great art

She painted in colors reflecting her present self: animated blues and colorful purples. Her vibrant, red lipstick resonated her aesthetic preference—anything but dark. Yirek Elaine Kwak, a senior drawing and painting major at California State University, Long Beach, was one of 15 students from the graduating class whose work was exhibited in the art showcase “Liminal” on Sunday. According to the event’s website, ‘liminal’ has two meanings: a sensory threshold and being in an intermediate state. The theme hints at the featured artists who are always changing while at the same time, delivering pieces that convey what they’ve learned during their time at the Beach. Like the liminal students, the meaning of art has evolved over time. “Art has to be honest; it has to be authentic,” Kwak said. “If it’s not true to who you are then you failed. You have to have the passion for it.” Scenic views of bushes and mountains from her Fullerton stomping grounds represented Kwak’s application of authenticity in her work. With merging colors of reds, greens and yellow oil paints, she aimed to embody what is important to her through the painting. “I named it home, because a house is a building and

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