Petition Long Beach City Council to enforce dog defecation law

It ought to be a beautiful day in the Los Alamitos Beach neighborhood of Long Beach. The sky is cloudless and blue, the temperature is in the high ‘60s in the middle of January and the palm trees sway in the ocean breeze. But what is that sour smell? It definitely isn’t the crisp ocean spray or even remotely fishy. It is the repugnant smell of dog poop bordering the sidewalks all over town. A Long Beach ordinance states that a person who is responsible for any animal may not allow that animal to defecate on any public of private property without immediately removing the defecation and putting it into an appropriate trash receptacle. However, the existence of this law doesn’t seem to stop the multitude of offenders. Not only is the law far too lax to be taken seriously, but on top of that, none of the people in positions of authority are willing to enforce it. The repercussions for abandoning the furry friend’s feces are severely lacking with first a verbal warning, then a written warning and finally a citation with an undisclosed fine. When the Long Beach Police Department was asked what their official response typically is

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