CSULB class of 2018 first to experience graduation at intramural fields

Adorned with sashes, decorated caps and black gowns, the graduating class of 2018 walked a long path to the intramural fields last week. For many, receiving their diploma was the last stage in their college career. Departing from the usual ceremony in the central quad, this year’s graduation featured a new alma mater song and was the first commencement to be held in the intramural fields. According to the Long Beach Press Telegram, over 12,000 students received their degrees this spring, a record for the university. The graduates were divided by yellow flags announcing their majors and walked to the sounds of Pomp and Circumstance. President Jane Close Conoley spoke about the importance of change to the 2018 graduating class spurred by a break in tradition from the usual ceremony, which was held in the central quad. Conoley’s speech to the college of health and human services, Thursday, addressed ways to deal with change, stating that the lives of the graduating class will be different after the turn of the tassels. “First... set out the problem, invite ideas and solutions and finally offer a change that is clearly tied to solving a problem people care about,” Conoley said. “These steps

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CSULB brings the music back to commencement

After receiving backlash from students over the decision to cut live music and move the location of the Cal State Long Beach commencement ceremony, President Jane Close Conoley issued a statement on the CSULB Newsroom that was posted to Twitter Friday announcing the reinstatement of live music. “I want to thank everyone who has taken the time to voice their opinions on the proposed changes,” Conoley said in the statement. “These events are among the most important in the life of our campus, and the effects of these special days are far-reaching, so my team and I take each concern seriously.” Provost Brian Jersky sent an email blast the same day to all campus members announcing that the ceremony would be moved to the intramural fields. He listed the reasons for this were to increase security and safety, decrease the number of ceremonies, provide better access with closer parking lots and provide large screen monitors to view graduates. Conoley also submitted a letter to the Daily 49er three days after the original article broke the news commencement would be moving from the Central Quad and go without live music due to budget cuts. Some commented on the article online. “I

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Students rally online against CSULB’s 2018 commencement changes

Two days following the news that Cal State Long Beach’s commencement would be moving from the Central Quad to George Allen Field and go without live music due to budget cuts, over a thousand students had already signed a Change.org petition in response. “Save Commencement at CSULB” was published by Change.org user Julia Jaynes, and tagged university President Jane Close Conoley. The description urged students to sign their names and take a stand against the changes made to the 2018 graduation ceremony. By late afternoon, the petition had reached 1,333 signatures. “Students imagined getting to walk in the beautiful quad of the campus that they have called home with the background of all of the sculptures, art and nature prominent in the heart of campus,” Jaynes wrote in the petition’s description. “Instead students will be walking with a parking structure as their background with the new commencement held at the soccer field.” Comments typed by students conveyed the opinions of those who chose to weigh in on the petition. “It’s supposed to be a happy day,” user Patricia Pittman wrote. “Me and so many of my fellow colleagues are first generation college students who have worked countless hours to be