Chili Peppers, Thrice, Milo Greene Highlight Record Store Day at Long Beach’s Fingerprints Music

Owner Rand Foster on the shows that made the latest Record Store Day at his store an all-day event for music nerds.

Record Store Day trends within the music industry and the music scene

The seemingly endless line for Record Store Day slithered down the Fourth Street sidewalk as the warm rays of the sun cracked through the tree branches. Inside Fingerprints music store, crowds dispersed in all directions to find hidden gems of different genres and eras as records went flying in the air Saturday. The cool, foggy breeze around the crowd reminded participants that it was still 7 a.m. According to those in the music scene, the popularity of vinyl records has grown exponentially in recent years, resulting in distinct trends within the music industry and with music consumers. Vinyl sales in the first half of 2014 increased by 40 percent since 2013, while total album sales fell by almost 15 percent due to diminishing sales of CDs and digital albums, according to Newsweek. “It’s becoming more and more of a major label thing where they’re shoving up more products to get more dollars for the consumer,” Los Angeles resident Steve Pettit said. “Unfortunately, that is hindering the business of more independent artists.” Several vinyl enthusiasts said that they believe that the instinct of major record labels such as Warner Music Group to capitalize on the trend defeats the point of Record

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