LBSU club launches student-built rocket

A successful lift off has prompted the Beach Launch team to construct a new and improved liquid propelled rocket named “Beach 2 ‘Karmen,’” while preparing for three engineering and aerospace competitions in 2019. The club has launched two rockets since becoming a student operated entity, including its first ever liquid propelled rocket, Beach 1, that was launched Jan. 5, 2019 after two failed previous attempts. “The best part about launching Beach 1 was just watching it go up in the sky,” said Andrey Ruf, aerospace engineering major and BLT chief engineering officer. “We’ve been trying to get this rocket off the ground for almost a year now, so we were all very much like, ‘This needs to happen because we needed a win for the team.’” The launch team manufactured and perfected Beach 1 in hopes of competing with other colleges in the 2018 Friends of Amateur Rocketry competition. Once the team realized its rocket would not be flight-ready by the May 2018 contest deadline, BLT pulled out of the competition along with postponing Beach 1’s original launch date. “Everyone but one school, the University of California, Los Angeles, decided to go through, and their rocket exploded,” Ruf said. When

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