Senate resolves to remove mascot, appoints senator to board

Associated Students Inc. Senate discussed possible methods of sourcing a replacement for Prospector Pete including a school-wide vote during Wednesday night’s meeting. Long Beach State is replacing longtime mascot Prospector Pete due to his association with the gold rush prospectors he represents and their role in the genocide of Native Americans. Last September, the university confirmed its disassociation from the 49er following a growing argument that the mascot is a symbol of genocide. Although it is unclear when, the statue is set to relocate to the developing Alumni Center. Sen. Matthew Major expressed concern about students voting, mentioning “The Escalators” as a mascot suggestion that has become popular online. “In the unlikely case that that is one of the most popular choices, is there some way we could respond to that?” Major asked. ASI Senate Chair Leen Almahdi reassured Major, “That’s why we are still developing criteria.” Outside the meeting, Almahdi considered the ramifications of Pete’s removal and its possible effect on other gold rush themed parts of LBSU such as The Nugget and the 49er shops. “The change is something the 49er shops would have to respond to,” she said. The Senate also appointed Sen. Yamin Yee as the

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Campus Clash sparks a Senate debate on transparency

The Associated Students Inc. Senate members found themselves in a heated discussion this Wednesday regarding how Long Beach State officials announced the occurrence of the Campus Clash talk back in October. President Jane Conoley sent an email to all students just hours before the event was scheduled to begin, failing to mention the added police and K-9 unit presence for the event or of the total closure of the first floor of the University Student Union. The resolution, according to one of its authors Sen. Megan Kim, asked the administration to “be more transparent, by giving two weeks in notice, so that students can be more aware of... where they should be,” citing how the police dogs and barricades gave the impression of a more dire situation without prior context. Senator Alejandra Aguilar was the first to question the resolution, bringing up how she felt it seemed targeted against Campus Clash specifically and was not broad enough to really influence decision-making regarding other organizations’ presence on campus. “This looks very just targeted toward this organization especially, and its making ASI look like we did not want this [Campus Clash] here,” she said. Turning Point USA’s presence on campus on Oct.

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The Senate’s confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh is yet another mistake in a troubled history

Following a virulent Senate hearing, multiple sexual assault allegations and a week-long FBI investigation, the Supreme Court accepted Judge Brett Kavanaugh as its newest justice. Christine Blasey Ford, a psychology professor at Palo Alto University, delivered a powerful address in the hearing to testify Kavanaugh had attempted to rape her when she was 15 and he was 17 at a house party in Maryland with the help of author Mark Judge. As the nation prepares for another conservative politician in a position of power, we also face the realization that despite these very real and horrific allegations made, Kavanaugh is both getting away with a reported rape and getting his dream job. Why the hell did the Senate allow this suspicious SOB onto the Supreme Court with all of this controversy surrounding him? Was its goal to categorically crush the souls of the American populace or were its members  naive to the fact that going through with this confirmation would destroy the credibility it has with the public? Kavanaugh’s angry and defensive approach to affirm his “innocence” during his hearing was not indicative of someone who was not guilty, but rather a privileged child lashing out in order to make

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