New director of Bob Murphy Access Center helps students ‘find their voice’

Accessibility on a campus seemingly always under construction requires someone to build metaphorical bridges before they are finished. Newly appointed director of the Bob Murphy Access Center, Carmen Valera looks to assist over 1,500 students this semester with their academic and personal goals. The Daily 49er sat down with Valera to talk about her background, the challenges she faces following the former director David Sanfilippo and fulfilling moments she has had with students. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? The way this began for me was 25 years ago when my kids were very small and I found out they had learning disabilities. It's a pretty involved disability in elementary school, so it was my entry in the world of disability as a young mom. My personal life has paralleled my career life. This was very personal because these were kids. How do I figure how to advocate for my kids? The biggest lesson that I learned was that the immediate first placement they wanted for my kids was a segregated environment. Historically, people with disabilities have been fighting against segregation to be included into the regular community. What that meant for me as a parent was:

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CSU salary drought

The California Faculty Association released on Tuesday the first of a series of four “White Papers,” which is a report that accuses California State University administrators of failing to invest in student success. Titled “Race to the Bottom: CSU’s 10-year Failure to Fund its Core Mission,” the first paper is an analysis of pay trends for professors, librarians, counselors and coaches within the system. The CFA, a union that represents over 23,000 educators, said that despite tuition hikes and increases in state funding, the CSU spending on faculty salaries has remained flat and unchanged over the last ten years. “When compared to other university systems around the country... the CSU stands out for its unparalleled failure to improve faculty salaries or even to protect them from the ravages of inflation,” the report said. The paper gives the example of the average faculty salary at UC San Francisco, which was adjusted for inflation from 2004 and 2013 and rose by $16,138. At California State University, Long Beach, the difference in average faculty salary between those years was an overarching loss of $9,704 when adjusted for inflation, according to the report. The report notes that almost half of CSU faculty is hired