Column: More than just a semester abroad

Wollongong is a beautiful city. Stretching along the East coast of Australia, just south of Sydney, it has amazing beaches, nightlife, café culture and a thriving local art and music scene. I go to school at Wollongong University and am in my third year studying marketing. I am currently studying one semester here at Long Beach State. One of the reasons why I came to LBSU for my study abroad experience was that students from all over America come to Wollongong to study and without fail, they say it’s the best decision they have ever made. Hearing this, I knew that I had to study abroad too. I am halfway through my semester abroad at LBSU, and I can say that it’s the best decision I have ever made, too. Studying abroad is more than just studying in another country. It is an opportunity to travel the world and meet new and incredible people. On my way to LBSU, I took the opportunity to do some travel of my own on the way and spent three weeks in Europe. In this time, I visited eight countries including England, France, Italy, Germany and Holland. This is something I only did as

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LBSU exchange students tell the tale of two cities

Want to travel abroad? A new course is being created at LBSU that will allow students the chance to visit Germany, this opportunity coincides with a partnership that has allowed film students and professors a unique opportunity to travel abroad. Marshall Sebastian Kolderup-Lane recently returned from Hamburg, Germany after spending the summer there. The third year Long Beach State student said he’s confident that he now has a couch to sleep on at any corner of the world. “Germany is interesting because it’s kind of a similar culture and people speak English there so you don’t feel too uncomfortable,” said Kolderup-Lane. Since 2014, LBSU professors have traveled to HAW in June and professors from HAW travel to LBSU in February for a filmmaking exchange. Ingrid Weatherall [from HAW] is the strategic manager for the USA and heads the strategic university project “HAW goes USA,” where they develop strategic partnerships with US universities. The Strategic Cooperations & International Marketing office of both universities oversee the program. Sharon Olson from LBSU works with Weatherall to help students coordinate travel arrangements and such. It all started when retired LBSU and Electronic Arts Department professor Tom Blomquist became an advisor for Silke Buse, a

CSULB’s “Giving Day” event to make debut

The spirit of giving has reached Cal State Long Beach as the campus will debut its first-ever Giving Day Thursday, March 15. The fundraiser will be held over the course of 27 hours from midnight eastern time to midnight pacific time, during which students, faculty and off-campus residents are invited to donate monetary contributions to four initiatives: Basic Needs, General Scholarships, Beach Fund and Study Abroad. Kelsey Crane, assistant director of Annual Giving, said the event was inspired by Giving Tuesday, the movement in which people gave back through gifts or donations the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. “We thought about participating in Giving Tuesday, but we really felt that Long Beach State deserves their own day,” Crane said. “We just want it to be a place where alumni, faculty, staff, students, friends, our entire Beach community can come together and give back.” Crane also hopes those donating will share the event through social media using the hashtag “#LBGivingDay” to spread the word across the nation. In addition to the 27-hour online fundraiser, there will be the Philanthropy Fair held on the North Quad next to Peterson Hall from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. The fair will host different on-campus groups to

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