College students ride along with Uber

When you don’t have your own car, use someone else’s — Uber has been my saving grace for getting to and from campus in a timely manner. Parking passes at Long Beach State are $140 per semester and $80 in the summer, according to the Parking and Transportation Services. The cost of the pass combined with the time you’ll spend circling the lot for a space, just isn’t worth it. When the transportation network company started up in 2009, I just used it to get my drunken friends and I home from bars and nightclubs. It easily became my first choice when needing a driver quickly. Through my experience, the average wait time for an Uber is no more than five minutes, so I thought, if Uber is so punctual, it just might get me to class on time. When I’m done getting ready for school, I order an Uber 30 minutes before my class starts. The ride to campus is about 12 minutes from my apartment with an average cost of $7 per ride. With slight traffic, I usually arrive 10 minutes before my class begins. After almost a month of using Uber, the service has never made me

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New car-sharing app to launch at Long Beach State in September

When life doesn’t give you Papa John’s Pizza, you make an app. At least that’s what brothers Matthew and Michael Vega-Sanz did after having to settle for Domino’s Pizza, because there was no nearby Papa John’s Pizza that would deliver to their Babson College dorms. The brothers did not want to pay a $30 Uber to pick up an $8 pizza. The duo noticed a packed parking lot outside of their dorm as they went to receive the pizzas from the delivery man. “Why didn’t we just use one of those [cars] to drive ourselves?” The brothers told the Boston student newspaper, The Daily Free Press. Thus, the idea for car-sharing smartphone app Lula was born. The new app allows students to rent their vehicles out to others and will have a September launch in Long Beach. The Vega-Sanz brothers plan to market it to students on campus. According to Matthew Vega-Sanz, all rentals come with insurance in case there’s a crash and renters must undergo background checks before renting the car to make sure they don’t have any DUIs, invalid licenses or points, which are assigned by tickets and accidents. “We want to make sure everybody who we’re covering

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Uber, Lyft and other rideshare drivers fight for better job treatment

While out working one night, an Uber driver saw a post on the wall of a Facebook group page called Uber Drivers United announcing a meeting time and a Hollywood address with no explanation. He decided that it would be interesting to plug the address into his GPS and go there, to see what it was all about. When Los Angeles City College student and former Los Angeles Taxi Service supervisor Ed Gutman got there, he realized that it was just a Rite Aid. Pulling in, he saw a group of about 100 people huddled in a parking lot full of Camrys and Priuses, some of the most popular cars to drive in the ride-share industry for being exceptionally fuel-efficient. He parked his 2012 Honda Civic and walked into a meeting of outraged drivers. Uber, along with other companies like Lyft and Sidecar, “partner” with drivers who have a clean driving record and new cars to provide a peer-to-peer ride sharing service. They have enjoyed an enormous amount of success with consumers – many of whom have switched over from taxicab services – by constantly lowering their rates and recruiting friendly, hard-working drivers. Beneath the seeming success of these companies

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