Protestors at UCI use American flag to violate students’ rights

Claiming that the American flag is the reason for freedom in the U.S. does not make sense; after all, it is an inanimate object. Freedom is a vague term that is meant to refer to our civil liberties such as freedom of speech, right to privacy, right to a fair trial, etc. Humans, not a flag, created all these ideas. But even if the flag could literally protect American freedoms, that wouldn’t justify an angry, near violent response to a group of six Associated Students of the University of California, Irvine Legislative Council members who voted on Mar. 5 to end the hanging of any flags, including the American flag, in or around their office. It’s just a piece of cloth, yet it ignited a nationalist fervor so strong that protestors wearing shirts that read, “Our flag is the reason for your freedom," and “God Bless America” threatened violence against the ASUCI, according to the LA Times. The ASUCI cancelled its meeting on Mar. 10 out of concern for its members’ safety. Despite the executive faculty who quickly vetoed the decision, a large turnout of flag-bearing protestors still showed up and said they thought the move was unpatriotic and anti-American,