New 3-D printers will be unveiled in March

Industrial grade 3-D printers will be available next month at the Cal State Long Beach library basement. These machines will remain untouched and bound in large wooden crates until they’re moved into the newly renovated ground floor area of the library come March.   The renovated area, soon to be known as the Innovation Lab, will have a soft opening at the end of this semester followed by a ribbon cutting ceremony in fall 2018 conducted by Dean of the Library Roman Kochan.   According to Kochan, the printers were helped funded by the Student Excellence Fee approved by Associated Students Inc. two years ago. The Innovation Lab also contributed a $500,000 donation given by a library supporter.  These devices will be open for all students to use and are intended to help ease the demand for printers in the biology, chemistry, mathematics, engineering and industrial design departments. “3-D printers are very useful for prototyping, and making a 3-D printer gives a lot of computer coding experience, as well as electrical and mechanical [experience],” said Dylan Evans, former president of the Maker’s Society on campus.   “A lot of design students and engineers working on their final projects would come

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CSULB University Library found aspergillus mold on bookshelves

Library goers may want to think twice before taking a deep breath to relax while studying for finals. The University Library’s second floor study area and its bookshelves, rooms 202 and 203, are set to reopen for students in time for finals after Aspergillus mold was discovered in the book stacks approximately two months ago. According to Tony Malagrino, the physical planning and facilities manager, response to the situation was rapid and within 20 minutes of its discovery the entire area was blocked. Malagrino said that the eastern corner of the book stacks was the most contaminated, thus it was soon isolated and divided into zippered compartments. Shortly after the closure of the second floor, the mold was tested and determined to not cause any harm unless the person who breathes it has a prior condition such as allergies or a weak immune system. While the floor remains quiet, meticulous cleaning is being done by Titan Environmental. The cleaning process, Malagrino said, is a three part fix. “There’s the part that includes cleaning the things that have been affected by the mold, which is the most visible part,” he explained. “There is trying to understand whether we can have better

For rent: or not

A laptop is undeniably one of the most important tools college students utilize in their day-to-day activities. From checking syllabi on BeachBoard to streaming Parks and Recreation in between study sessions, laptops have become almost a necessity for efficiently completing academic and professional tasks. One bleak finals season, I was in the middle of working on two final projects and a 20-page paper  —  on some poem that made no sense to me  — when my laptop decided to crash. Or, I thought it did. I called tech services, visited a repair shop and discovered that the battery had failed, that something out of my control was going to cost me $540 to repair. I didn’t have $540 to drop on the machine that was almost brand new to begin with, so I tried to thug it out as much as possible; I used the computers at work, the library and my parents’ computer back home, making edits in between loads of laundry. Suffice to say, it was a mess. For a whole month, I lacked the convenience of a laptop. I had to make sure my work was safely stored each time for fear of not saving important edits

Library will introduce integrated database

Cal State Long Beach students will see a number of changes to the University Library’s website and database that, according to Associate of Dean of University Library Tracey Mayfield, will revolutionize the way CSULB students, faculty and staff do their research. The launch of the new system will be June 20 in order give the library a month in between the unveiling and first day of fall semester. Mayfield said that this is to make sure both the website and database are up and running with minimal error before students come back to campus in August. These changes include an entirely new database that allows users to not only search the University Library for necessary texts, articles or essays —  but now, students can access the libraries of all 23 Cal State University campuses through a single search bar. Additionally, the University Library website will receive a makeover similar to the stylistic format of CSULB’s official webpage. The new search bar, in particular, is expected by University Library officials to have a great impact on the scope of research students and faculty are able to exercise through the database. While previous students doing research were often referred to smaller, external

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