Hit and run incidents, vending machine vandals and restraining orders

Vending machine break-in: University Police were called to the courtyard of the nursing building Jan. 21 to investigate two vending machines that had been broken into. Upon arrival, police discovered the damage sustained by the machines inhibited the purchasing of Coca-Cola drinks. The remaining product was taken into custody; the situation is still under investigation with no current suspects.   Campus cart disappears without a trace: On Jan. 22, officers received a call concerning a missing campus cart belonging to the Physical Education department. After being removed from the area surrounding the Social Sciences/Public Administration buildings, the cart was not returned to its original location. A report was filed with no suspect information.   Suspicious persons served restraining order: A call reporting the presence of a suspicious persons in the library was made Jan. 24 at 5:45 p.m. The suspect was the subject of a restraining order, but hadn’t been “officially” served. Officers issued the order and removed the person from the area.   Forgery Attempt: Upon entering the campus Wells Fargo bank Jan. 25, a woman attempted to cash a forged check. Police were called, but the suspect fled the scene before they arrived. The case is still under

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Lack of harassment reports leave students feeling vulnerable

After a long work week, 25-year-old Shayda Monjezi, a Cal State Long Beach film graduate, decided to unwind with a few drinks in Downtown Long Beach. But her night took a turn when she was almost assaulted by a drunk pedestrian. A man attempted to get her attention by whistling at her and when Monjezi ignored him, he followed her. Once Monjezi reached her car, the man tried to plant an unwanted kiss. She threatened to call the police, which ultimately prompted him to flee. Because Monjezi was intoxicated, she decided it was in her best interest to brush the incident off in order to avoid any further implications for the night. “That’s Long Beach for you,” said Monjezi, referring to the incident. Other areas in Long Beach, such as Belmont Shore or the 4th Street bar crawl, are popular among students despite harassment being a common threat.. These situations, however, often remain unreported. Ernesto Escotto, a 25-year-old cook who works at Sancho’s Tacos on 2nd Street, said that he had witnessed a woman getting harassed by a drunk man in the restaurant. “He was just being a drunk asshole, “ Escotto said. “He was trying to hold her hand

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University Police arrest suspect for threats made to La Raza Student Association

Two months after La Raza Student Association received death threats through Facebook, a suspect was taken into custody. 40-year-old Christopher Cook of Fountain Valley was booked by University Police into the Long Beach City Jail on suspicion of five counts of felony criminal threats, 422 Penal Code, with a hate crime enhancement. Cal State Long Beach president Jane Close Conoley announced through a campuswide email Tuesday that the suspect had been taken into custody after a complex investigation was conducted by University Police, which served as lead law enforcement agency in this case. “I want to personally thank Chief Fernando Solorzano and his University Police Department colleagues for the time and effort they devoted to this case,” Conoley said. “It is because of their professionalism and diligence that we close a chapter in this ugly story and are able to continue building trust and strengthening lines of communication.” Asia Gonzalaz, a political science major and member of La Raza, said herself and the student association were informed of the arrest 10 minutes before the campus-wide email was sent out. “I didn’t think anything would actually be done,” Gonzalaz said. “When we finally received the report, we were pleasantly surprised.” According

Campus vandalism continues while multiple violations ensue across campus

Criminal threats - At 2:30 p.m., a call for University Police Department was made by an employee at University Bookstore on Nov. 1 after an irate customer called into the store and began relentlessly yelling at an employee. The customer said they were not pleased by the service they received. Officers met with the shop worker and settled the issue, declaring no crime had occurred. Hit and run - A report was taken by officers at 12:45 p.m. on Nov. 2 in regard to a hit and run misdemeanor. The call involved a report of vehicle damage to a 2017 Dodge Charger. The car was parked in Parking Structure 3 when it was hit. There were no witnesses to this crime and a report was taken by UPD. Vandalism - UPD responded to a call at 12:30 a.m. on Nov. 3 at the Health and Human Services 2 building. A window on the west side facing Deukmejian Way was reported destroyed and the area boarded up. It is reported that the cause of the damage remains unknown and there were no witnesses to this incident. Fire - Dispatch received a call at 12:15 a.m. on Nov. 4 regarding a field

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