Club event supplies free menstrual hygiene products to LBSU restrooms

Over a thousand menstrual hygiene products were packaged and distributed throughout the university during an event held by the Young Democratic Socialists of America LBSU chapter Tuesday. Teams comprised of members from the Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies Student Association, YDSA and student volunteers met in the University Student Union to stock menstrual hygiene products in 12 restrooms around campus. “We believe that menstrual products should be free at the point of consumption,” said Nathan York Jr., a senior political science major and YDSA secretary. “Essentially this means that while we still believe that these should be paid for in some way, they should be accessible to those who need them regardless of their income.” In California, buyers of menstrual hygiene products are taxed due to the items being considered luxuries rather than “necessities of life.” “This is a way, if not to fill a gap, to make an announcement that this is what we stand for and that products like this should be free especially for students,” York Jr. said. In the months leading up the event, YDSA received donations for menstrual hygiene products and spent club funds to add to the surplus. “It’s important to have access to

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Take a load off before passing classes

Need a break from finals? Beginning Dec. 13, Associated Students Inc. will host multiple events throughout finals week to give students a load off from tests and relax their brains from stress. The theme for this year’s fall finals week is rooted from the television show “Friends,” often visualized as “F•R•I•E•N•D•S” but instead of using that as the title, they substituted it with F•I•N•A•L•S. ASI will provide multiple vendors throughout each day from Dec.13 through Dec. 19. Events start as early as 10 a.m. and go until 5 p.m. Some of the events include henna tattoos, balloon art, puppy therapy, massage therapy provided by the Student Recreation and Wellness Center, holiday decorating and caricature artists. Balloon Monsoon- Dec. 13, Thursday 10 a.m. - noon Henna Tattoo- Dec. 13, Thursday 11 a.m. - 2 p.m. Massage Therapy- Dec. 14, Friday 11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. Holiday Decorating- Dec. 13, Thursday noon - 3 p.m. Caricature Artist- Dec. 19, Wednesday noon - 2 p.m. Puppy Therapy Dec. 17, Monday noon - 2 p.m. “I think the event I'm looking forward to the most is the henna tattoo,” said sophomore communications major Sarah Hicks. “I’m not allowed to have real tattoos so at

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What goes up but never comes down? The USU escalators

Although it’s been inoperable since the beginning of the semester, the University Student Union escalators have undergone repairs that were projected to be complete by early October. It’s unknown at this time when repairs will be complete. According to James Ahumada, the Associated Students Inc. senior communications manager, the current repairs are to replace the steps and install new step chains and handrails for both the upward and downward escalators. Over the summer, the USU maintenance team determined the escalator steps were aging and in need of replacement as the step chains and handrails were last replaced 12 years ago. Ahumada said the total cost for the replacements is $416,000. With midterms quickly approaching, student sentiments are increasingly dissatisfied with yet another inconvenience and ASI’s response. These improvements are the latest in a long list of stops and starts on the USU escalators. Marina Makar, junior psychology major, noted the university’s delay in addressing the broken facility. “If the escalators are broken, why do we still have them? It makes the campus look inefficient,” Makar said. “They break because the school doesn’t want to put an effort into fixing it.” According to ASI President Genesis Jara, the repairs have taken

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A royal flush among campus restrooms

In the first floor of the University Student Union, scores of students in the Art Gallery and Study Lounge sit quietly while scrolling through their phones, sleeping or doing homework. One dry wall adjacent to the lounge, the men’s restroom harvests swaths of schoolboys sitting just one stall away from another as they conduct a symphony of unfettered grunts and splashes of stress fluids and excretions. Whether or not for its unintentional live music, degree of cleanliness or its accessibility, the students of Long Beach State have claimed this restroom as the best on campus in a recent Daily 49er ballot polling votes from hundreds of campus members. In the men’s restrooms’ nine stalls, each is equipped with a chalkboard for students to write uplifting messages or draw obscene pictures to pass the time between flush and wipe. Four chalkboards are also located outside of the 10 urinals. The women’s restroom is directly to the left of the men’s room and contains nine stalls with chalkboards. Dispensers with tampons and pads are also available for bathroom users. A one-stall gender neutral restroom is located between the Beach Auditorium and 22 West Media and contains both tampons and condom dispensers. The

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The new student’s guide to on-campus adventures

When you first set foot onto Cal State Long Beach’s campus and feel the ocean air drift through your hair, your first thought typically isn't how excited you are to embark on the endless journey of homework and exams. Students tend to be more interested in what happens outside of class and the many experiences they will have off campus; however, having time to actually leave campus is a whole other challenge. For those whose class schedule takes up most of their daylight, here is your guide to on-campus adventures:   Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden Jorge VillaThe Earl Burns Japanese Garden located between Lot 14 and Parkside residential housing is free for all CSULB students. The Earl Burns Japanese Garden, home to Japanese imported Kasuga lanterns, bonsai trees and a tranquil koi fish pond, is a staple for students looking for a relaxing atmosphere to get their zen on. Students typically find this 1.5 acre gorgeous green Japanese-style landscape as a place to unwind from the pressures of school and work. A quarter will get you a handful of koi food to feed the orange fish that live in the large koi pond. Located in between Lot

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