Former LBSU employee visited President’s Suite, UPD and Office of Student Affairs on day he allegedly committed double homicide

This story was updated 5:40 p.m. Oct. 5. See timeline below of Jamie Williams' movements on campus Sept. 28 Hours before former Associated Students Inc. employee Jamie Williams was arrested in connection to a double homicide in Compton Sept 28, he visited several Long Beach State offices including the President’s Suite and the Office of Student Affairs. This was after he showed up late for a morning meeting with Facilities Management and began sharing his frustrations. By 8:30 p.m., Vice President of Student Affairs Carmen Taylor told a University Police Officer that Williams, 43, had been arrested in connection to a double homicide, just hours after he had left campus.    Taylor and the officer were attending an off campus event together when she received the information, according to a timeline presented at a news briefing held by officials from the Office of Public Affairs and University Police, Friday. It was reported to University Police that Williams was “anxious” and visited several offices on campus to air his grievances. According to UDP Detective Christopher Brown, Williams wanted to “tell his story.” Several sources who were on campus that day said that Williams was disclosing information about an intimate relationship with