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Students spill the tea on the presidential debate

Andrea Felix-Cervantes

Fourth-year technical theater arts major

“I didn’t watch, and it went as terribly as I expected.”

Bella Arnold

Second-year journalism major

“I thought it was a shitstorm, as many journalists had expressed. But, I thought Biden did a pretty good job especially considering what he had to deal with. I hope that they genuinely entertain muting the mics for the person not speaking.”

Jose Ahumada

Fourth-year journalism major

“I felt like both candidates were blabbering on like children, and instead of a civil debate, it seemed like one candidate was speaking over and attacking the other one.”

Rani Hanna

Second-year electrical engineering major

“It was just hilarious. I mean, if you compare it to a pre-2012 debate it’s horrible, but for what it was I can say it didn’t win votes for either candidate.”

Alexis Vela

Fourth-year business management major

“It was embarrassing and difficult to watch for both parties. The issues weren’t addressed appropriately, and it just seemed like they were attacking one another personally and not the issues. Trump used his same bully technique and, unfortunately, Biden sunk to his level when he could have shown the American public he was the more logical and rational candidate, a missed opportunity on his part.”

Marina Balza

Fourth-year chemistry major

“I was pretty upset after. I think we were robbed of a really important experience that comes with an election year. I felt like there was a lot of petulant arguing that gave light to anything except for policy.”

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